Knights of the Hidden Temple Farming Guide

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Sep 13, 2018
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Foreword: this is the type of Guide where you read Long Posts just for fun, or you just wanna kill time reading this.. but dont worry the ff will be a TL;DR

-you dont need to worry about GutterLines lol
-Use +7 2HS or Clay with Double Insect Soul Collector's (Gig Card)
-Use EDEL armor (Recommended)
-you dont need blue pots anymore (unless you love spamming alot)
- this is 50% to 80% yields compared to a Knight farming in Magma (memorized Gutterlines targeting high density mobs) 200k+ (hidden temple) vs 300k+ (magma)

Disclaimer: idk how the Groups unit system works, and idk how to upload any guide to the unit (please dont approve this post if theres a way to do that, and please relay me on the how to's, thanks!!)

Required Class: Knight/LordKnight/Rogue with BB or SM(slower)

Required Equips: (see Below)
Head Gear U - PecoHB swap to Cubic Snake Head hat
Head Gear M- any
Head Gear L- Fish in mouth
Body - any armor with Earth deleter card
Weapon - +7 Claymore[2] with 2 Gig Card
Garment - immune garment
Footwear - any
Accessories - 2x any slotted accessories with Raydric Archer card

Required Equips Rationale:
-Peco Headband for mobility and fast clearing cells
-Swapping to Cubic Snake Head Hat when Bowling Bash add a chance for Gift Boxes
-Cubic Snake Head Hat also clears Single target monsters faster
-Fish in mouth for Best Hp Replenished per Weight
-Earth Deleter Armor IS HEAVILY REQUIRED
-+7 Claymore[2] with 2 Gig Card IS HEAVILY REQUIRED (you can also use +7 2 Hand Sword but you wont 1 shot BB any insect except mantis, thus making gig cards less effective)
-Accessories with Raydric Archer Cards gives Chance to drop Boxes of Grudge, in which woe Players needs

Required Stats: any standard knight build

Required Consumables: around 100k in zeny (through DC)
500 to 600 Delicious Fish
1 Bubble gum
1 Field Manual (optional)
1 Insurance (optional)
5 Blue Pots (optional)
10 Curse curing pots (optional)
300 to 250 Flywings

Required Consumables Rationale
-you will be tanking alot of dmg because the mobs normally comes in high density, so much healing/fishes is required
-insurance for sneaky Lag
-5 Blue pots for accidental "omg no more sp" moments, but you can get it back by just killing weak mantis with normal attack.
-Flywings over Tele Clip to cut down animation time (its a big deal, promise)

MINIMUM TO AVERAGE loot Projection:
Disclaimer: these are my average loots per 30mins, if you even get lower than minimum loot projected, then you should be ashamed of yourself..

To Sell on npc:

10-30 pcs red herb
0-4 pcs Boots[0]
30-60 pcs Shining Scale
2-8 Green Live
5-15 Tough Scalelike Stem
90-120 Evil Horn
15-25 Scell
30-60 Snake Scale
120-170 Solid Shell
60-80 Zargon
80-110 Mantis Scythes
40-60 Venom Caines

TOTAL NPC Salary: 150,000z to 200,000z
Note: this is your Guaranteed salary for every bbg or 30mins of farming, take note that 100,000z will be deducted for actual salary

To Sell to Players or Personal use
0-5 Rough Winds
0-4 Oridecon
3-8 Rough Oridecon
0-5 Steels
0-3 Gift Box
0-5 Box of Grudge
Note: aside from actual salary, you get these for personal Use or to sell them to players for increased salary

Bonus Rares: Damascus, Tsurugi, Halberd, Cards
Note: i call them "bonus" because i never really expect them to drop in every run, so Lucky you if one of them Drops in your run

-Using Flywing cuts down cell checking time faster than Creamy Accessories by half the time (but be carefull dont keep spamming flys, sometimes you may skip full dense mobs)
- Use Bowling Bash ONLY when there are 5 non insect Monsters or 2 insect monster
- be courteous, give mobs to other farming knights when you spot them first already in the cell

Comment any questions, Thanks!!