Know more of the Past: Darknights Memoir comes to Arknights iOS Android 

Arknights will soon reach its anniversary and as we deep dive into one year in the game, there are some stories that are still kept hidden in the Global version of the game, while the Chinese version or the first server of the game has already advanced into the story, there are still things that we have yet to learn about, more importantly, the past.

Darknights Memoir.PNG

And so we head to one of the most anticipated events in the game, Darknights Memoir, in this side story we would know more about the past of W and Rhodes Island in the past. It's a story that is best kept in the wraps, especially since I have finished the first half of the event and it was definitely interesting to know more about what transpired back then.


By playing through the event and finishing until the third stage of the normal modes of the story, you can acquire Sideroca, you can obtain her tokens, headhunting permits, elite materials, and more in the event shop which you can focus on to get stronger faster in the game.


Aside from that, in this event period, get the chance to obtain Phantom, one of the hyped-up operators in the game, known for interesting skill set that will definitely put an interesting mix in your gameplay, not to mention, he is rather gorgeous if you ask the ladies that play the game. Other notable characters are Cutter and Shamare, with the latter also hyped up with her abilities. Ptilopsis is also here so if you need a great AoE healer, it is also best to roll in this banner.


If you miss these characters in the gacha, do not worry as one of the gacha player's friend (or foe) is spooking, in which Phantom and the crew can definitely spook you in the future so if you feel like you want to focus on a certain banner in the future then go with it and just bide time for now, who knows if you can get them in the future.


Finally, this event will also feature a furniture set that you might find interesting, if you want to add more flair in one of the dorms such as having a restaurant themed place, then the furniture set, "Seven Cities - Style Restaurant", would be perfect for you, you can get them via getting certain achievements in the event, playing the event itself and by simply buying it on the store until January 7.


Darknights Memoir is an event before something special that is coming soon, that is right, the anniversary and as someone who is waiting for a certain operator to be available, I cannot wait to get her soon so either I'll build up my pity count or build my resources so I could get her. What about you? Join the Arknights Discussion now!