Koei Tecmo announces Dynasty Warriors for Android and iOS

Classic never dies as they say and it is true for all games. There are avid fans that always look upon these games and preserve them and while others have stopped producing sequels for these games, the discussion will continue as long as there are those who have made memories on it. Such is the case for most games, but if it will have a new franchise, who's to say no, right?

Dynasty Warriors mobile.jpg

That is why for those who are fans of Dynasty Warriors, boy do we have good news for you! According to Koei Tecmo, they have announced that they will be making a new Dynasty Warriors game in Android and iOS platforms.

Dynasty Warriors mobile a.jpg

From October 8 to October 12, 1:59 PM JST, they will be conducting a closed beta test and for those who are interested can register here https://www.gamecity.ne.jp/form/smusou_cbt , the registration will be up starting September 27 to October 5, so if you are a fan get to it!

Above is a teaser trailer that will definitely make you interested to see if it is in your vision of a Dynasty Warriors game. The combat and the art style are definitely fitting for Dynasty Warriors and if the game indeed maintains that fluid and smooth gameplay that you see in the teaser then there should be no problems in my book.

Dynasty Warriors mobile b.jpg

While there is no other news regarding this game other than the initial announcement, we are seeing a pattern that some old games from console are being brought in the mobile landscape. This is great as we are seeing a smooth transition to mobile gaming as a standard especially these times where we ought to be on the go. But I digress, that is all we have for today.

Dynasty Warriors mobile c.jpg

Are you interested in a new Dynasty Warriors game on your mobile device? Tell us in the comments below!