Konami sues Cygames for Patent Infringement

According to reports, KONAMI has sued Cygames for violating a patent, and this includes Uma Musume Pretty Derby. There isn't much detail about the lawsuit, but it's been stated that Konami wants all transactions done under the Uma Musume Pretty Derby name to stop.


Uma Musume Pretty Derby has similar concepts of Tokimeki Memorial Series​

As previously mentioned, there isn't much information available on the case; nonetheless, some fans and supporters think Konami filed it because of the Tokimeki Memorial series. Players can breed characters in Uma Musume Pretty Derby using a variety of settings, which will change the characters' behavior, the graphics displayed on-screen, and other gameplay outcomes. Konami believes that the Uma Musume Pretty Derby series has copied features that are also present in the Tokimeki Memorial series.

Additionally, Konami has asked for JPY$ 4,000,000,000, or roughly $29 million. It is difficult to determine what the true cause of the patent infringement was because the complete version of the litigation is not available to the general public. However, reports said that it was because of the similarities between Uma Musume Pretty Derby and the Tokimeki Memorial series.


Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a series with many manga series, anime series, and mobile games available. The game is a rising simulation game in which you assume the character of a beginner trainer who aids other Uma Musume girls in achieving their goals of being the quickest racers in the nation by assisting them in preparing for the Twinkle Series competitions.


In the lawsuit filed by Konami, they demand that all business activities associated with Uma Musume Pretty Derby be immediately suspended.