Konosuba Fantastic Days tweets potential global release?

EXPLOSION! Megumin's famous line in Konosuba. The anime that somehow parodies the genre that they are in, Isekai! People have been giving it high marks for its epic comedy, remarkable characters and funny story that will leave people wanting for me, I mean look at the anime, movie and media it has. Surely, it has been a notable title for a while now. What better way to capitalize at its fame by making a mobile game! Yes, they made one. Let's talk about that today.

Konosuba Fantastic Days is a mobile RPG where you can get characters from the game such as Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, Darkness and a lot more and make them battle it out against enemies. The system has a frontline consisting of 3 characters and others at the backline, meaning you need to strategize how to make them work efficiently. The game has seen success in their JP release last week, February 27. While other people have been clamoring to play it, even going to use VPNs and download it via Qooapps to play it, the people have been hoping and hyping for a global release soon. Since the fanbase of the series goes big in the global market.with their waifus such as Megumin, Darkness and Aqua and others going for Wiz, Yunyun, Eris and others, they truly would appreciate it if the game gets one so they can play it as well.... There might be hope on that one, folks!

According to this tweet, they apologize that those who are looking forward to it outside of Japan can't play the game. But they also said in addition to that statement that they will plan for the game to be played in other countries in the future! Which is a great win for those who have been wanting to play it. Some people can play JP version fine, but others don't since they want it to be translated than taking a bullet in understanding the language, or you know, just study the language. But it seems like there is a chance we can play it outside. Heck, I would play it too. Imma get my waifus as well!

With this tweet, those who are hoping for the game to release in the global version now has much of a high chance for that hope to come to fruition as the devs really want to expand the market and potentially, cash in with the added revenue that they would definitely have. So what do you think, are you hopeful that the game would get a global version for us to enjoy, tell us below!