Korean Netflix series, Kingdom: The Blood announces a game based on its story

The distinctions between entertainment IP and video games are becoming increasingly hazy. Film franchises are continually being adapted into games, and television programs, movies, and films are still being adapted from games.


Kingdom: The Blood is a Netflix adaptation of the zombie apocalypse drama series Kingdom, which takes place in medieval Korea. The narrative centers on Crown Prince Lee Chang, who becomes involved in the zombie apocalypse while looking into the puzzling circumstances surrounding the disappearance of his father.

Kingdom, a popular Korean zombie period drama on Netflix, will soon get a video game adaptation. Kingdom: The Blood is currently being created for PC and mobile platforms by South Korean studio Action Square, who also worked on Blade II - The Return of Evil.

The experience is primarily similar of the television series, as you can see in the gameplay teaser up above, with players dashing around slaughtering zombies and enemies with synchronized swings of a longsword. There is also a lot of blood splattering everywhere, as the title of the game suggests.


Players in the game will be able to design their own characters and battle zombies while they explore historical sites. Action Square claims that a professional Korean sword dancer was motion recorded for the combat and that historical accuracy was maintained when recreating the palaces and attire.

There will be a story mode and a conquest mode in Kingdom: The Blood. In addition, there will be numerous boss fights and PvP fighting. Both PC and smartphone versions of Kingdom: The Blood will soon be available.

Currently, not much is known about the game, and no release date has been assigned to it, but Action Square will soon make additional announcements regarding Kingdom: The Blood.

Both seasons of Kingdom are currently streaming on Netflix along with the special Kingdom: Ashin of the North.