KRAFTON and Bluehole Studio’s upcoming action title Dark and Darker Mobile will begin its new round of CBT this coming August in select regions

This coming August, KRAFTON is gearing up once again for another round of CBT for its upcoming action title Dark and Darker Mobile. The CBT will take place in select regions. Previously, the game concluded its first CBT that took place in April.

Dark and Darker Mobile.jpg

Dark and Darker Mobile is being developed by Bluehole Studio with the aim of making the game a combination of a high-stake combat battle royales with dungeon-crawling and RPG elements. Its exclusive global license was obtained by KRAFTON in August of 2023.

Through the game, players will go on an adventure in dungeons that are full treasures. However, these will not be normal dungeons as it will feature special environments that will add to the difficulty of looting for treasures. Aside from that there is also an unknown force known as the Darkswarm that will hinder your journey. Players must find an escape portal to get out safely from the dungeon along with their loot or else they will lose everything and fail.

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There are different classes that players can choose from, including Barbarian, Ranger, Cleric, Rogue, and Fighter. Note, depending on the chosen class, the adventure will differ. Add to that, the core gameplay of the game will mostly remain the same between PC and mobile. The only difference will be the optimization and the enhancement that will be done to the mobile version of the game so it will fit the mobile platforms.

Back to the CBT, as per the announcement, the CBT will take place in the United States, Japan, Turkey, and South Korea. Interested players rescind in the mentioned regions can participate in the upcoming CBT that will begin in early August.

Currently, the exact date and the platforms have yet to be announced so stay tuned!