KRAFTON recruits a Star Wars and Avengers Concept Artist for Project Windless

Project Windless was first announced in 2019, and it appears that KRAFTON is targeting a worldwide audience with its English press release. Yeong-do Lee, who is widely regarded as the father of the Korean fantasy genre, developed and wrote the novel series The Bird That Drinks Tears. Mr. Lee is an incredibly inventive writer who creates extensive worlds and fills them with fascinating characters. He is one of Korea's best-selling fantasy authors, with millions of copies sold.


Krafton's intentions for The Bird That Drinks Tears, dubbed Project Windless, go beyond a single game, with the goal of creating a "bigger multimedia brand" based on intellectual property. The stories are set in a uniquely Korean fantasy universe filled by mythological monsters such as dokkaebi (also known as a "Korean goblin" or "nature spirit") and naga, and the players learn the Korean folk wrestling technique of ssireum.

KRAFTON has enlisted Hollywood star and concept artist Iain McCaig to help create the cosmos and bring the novel to life. Mr. McCaig is a renowned concept artist who has worked on numerous blockbuster film series, including The Avengers, Harry Potter, and Terminator and has been engaged in early character representations for Star Wars characters. KRAFTON's Project Windless, which includes the game and other creative works, will use his work as the visual direction. McCaig is collaborating with Krafton to bring author Yeong-do Lee's universe to life. A wooden building constructed high on a stone tor above the desert with a large platform extending on one side is depicted in an early piece of art.


It might be a port for flying animals or airships or a lifting point where goods are winched up from below. In any case, it's an intriguing scene: the foreground has some old, ripped banners set on sand-covered poles, and the ground is covered in sand.

McCaig says he's "honored" to be able to assist visualize Lee's characters and the universe, as well as to help introduce the novels to a global audience.

"I hope KRAFTON can make a game that can be remade even after 30 years," author Yeong-do Lee said as part of the same announcement today. "I wish everyone involved all the best."

While PUBG has always had a modern visual, some of Krafton's other games are far more fantasy-focused, such as the free-to-play MMORPG Tera and the RPG Mist over, which has a Darkest Dungeon-style anime visual.

"KRAFTON has found something special in Yeong-do Lee’s The Bird That Drinks Tears. I am honored to help visualize this amazing world and its characters, in addition to helping introduce the novel to a larger global audience," said Iain McCaig as part of the announcement. "The collaboration with KRAFTON is among the best I have ever experienced. I look forward to our further adventures, and to making Yeong-do Lee proud."

However, Project Windless doesn't have a release date yet.