Krafton released a new cinematic trailer for Dark and Darker Mobile

Krafton released a new cinematic teaser for the mobile version of its fantasy-themed extraction RPG Dark and Darker, which is expected to come out later this year. While the teaser didn’t showcase gameplay features, it gives a preview of what to expect with the mobile version of Dark and Darker.


The Dark and Darker have players choose a class among the five classes, like Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, and Rogue, with class-based skills, passive skills, and gear specialization. Players will then venture into dungeons in search of treasure while battling against monsters, avoiding traps, or attempting to kill other players.

For players to bring home the gathered treasures, they must survive and extract them via magic portals as a deadly darkness slowly consumes the dungeon, killing those who are trapped inside for a long period of time.

A new cinematic trailer, titled "Greed," kicks off what Krafton says will be an upcoming series of videos that will dive into Dark and Darker Mobile. Based on the trailer, the mobile version looks exactly like Iron Maces Dark and Darker, but there is information on how this project of Krafton and Bluehole will differ from its PC counterpart.

For starters, players will now be able to choose between going into PvE or PvP dungeons, unlike the PC version, which is originally a PvPvE where players are fighting against monsters and other enemy players.

Additionally, a new feature called Sidekick System for PvE dungeons and Pet System will be available in the mobile version. The Sidekick system will let the players recruit upgradable AI-controlled companions, while the Pet system will let players gain various buffs before entering the dungeons.

Players may also acquire new equipment and loot from treasure chests or monster drops, boss fights, and merchants that offer quests in exchange for better inventories. Equipment and other in-game resources can always be leveled up using gold.

Krafton is aiming for a mainstream audience and plans to release the game globally later this year. There is also a scheduled closed beta test for Korean players this month, and a global test is still being planned.