Kumamon Crossover and Fireworks Festival Events Go Live in Onmyoji Arena

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    NetEase Games' fair-play MOBA Onmyoji Arena today kicked start the 2020 summer firework Festival with previously announced Kumamon Crossover. During firework Festival, limited-time skins for popular Shikigami will be released. On top of that, Kumamon Travel Journal will be open for players to upgrade the level which can be used to unlock more bonus. The more players involved in these events, the more prizes and surprises waiting!

    Kumamon joins and brings along brand new skins for Kingyo and Kusa


    Standing at the entrance of the festival, Kingyo and Kusa are wearing their Kumamon-themed skins and can't wait to join the festival. As one of the highlights of the event, Kingyo and Kusa's limited skins will be available for two weeks, with a discount of 12% for the first week of the event.

    Kumamon Travel Journal for more prizes and surprises


    In addition to limited skins, Kumamon travel manual is opened as a limited time offer. During the Firework Festival, completing different tasks will upgrade the level, which can be used in exchange for bonuses. Players can unlock Kumamon emoji packs, crossover avatar frame and Auspicious Daruma at no cost.

    New Character Shiranui joining the arena


    Once a popular character in Onmyoji, Shiranui is going to serve as either a mage or a ninja in battle.

    Shiranu was once the most famous songstress on the island. When she sings, her singing and beauty led countless men to fall in love at first sight. When her life was about to come to an end, she became the legendary Youkai - Shiranu.

    Her skill sets are designed to match her apparence, which are dancing fans and flower-like butterflies. In this summer, Shiranu will surely bring a sea of flower to the battlefield of Hei-a Kyo.

    Daruma Blessing, all new Royal skin collection


    New skins for Miketsu, Higanbana and Yuki are added to the Daruma Blessing collection. Players can use Daruma Tokens collected from lucky draws to exchange for various skins. Players can accumulate their lucky draw attempts to specific numbers for a free skin reward.

    Prizes and surprises await. Join Onmyoji Arena this summer at the Firework Matsuri.

    GUANGZHOU, China - July 3rd, 2020

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