Kuro Games announces future adjustments that will be made to Wuthering Waves in future updates

Kuro Games releases a new announcement about the future adjustments that they will put in Wuthering Waves to make sure that the players will have the best experience that they can get while playing the game. The announcement was made thanks to the feedback that the game got through the various social media pages of Wuthering Waves as well as its in-game surveys. The developers have also apologized for the issues that the players encountered during the much-awaited launch.

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This was not the first time that Kuro Games has developed a game, as they have the Punishing Gray Raven that was developed and released before. However, Wuthering Waves is the company’s first “independently developed and globally published game.” With this detail, it might explain the issues that the players encountered like the audio bugs and translation errors. Thankfully, such issues have been brought to attention by the players resulting in the developers making an announcement to what changes will occur in the future updates of the game.

Below are the adjustments that will take place, as per the announcement released by the developers in the official website of Wuthering Waves:

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I. On the Echo Development Experience

(1) Echo Development feels grindy and inadequate energy materials

We are aware of the common concern in the community that the current Echo leveling experience feels too grindy and the game lacks a Waveplates storage system. We have confirmed and will implement the following adjustments while we are working internally on solutions to address other common concerns.

1. In the current version, we will launch a limited-time Echo material double yield event "Chord Cleansing";
2. In version 1.1, we will adjust the progression system to reduce the Shell Credit costs of Echo development;
3. In version 1.1, we will remove the reward cutscene of the Tacet Field;
4. From version 1.1 and forward, the yield of Echoes and Echo development materials will be increased;
5. In upcoming updates, we will introduce the Waveplates storage system.

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(2) Regarding our handling of the reward system error when recycling developed Echoes

On May 29, 2024, we were notified of an issue with the Echo recycling system where the amount of Shell Credits players obtained when recycling developed Echoes was wrong. Since this is an issue that directly impacts the game's balance, we fixed this problem through an emergency live update on the same night and issued compensation to all players. As part of the measures to minimize the event's impact on the fairness within the player community, we informed the players of the situation and announced that we would remove all additional Shell Credits obtained unexpectedly as a result of this bug within 14 business days and issue compensations accordingly.

However, due to the urgency of this issue, we failed to issue an announcement of this issue in the first instance, which regrettably caused negative experiences for our players. We sincerely apologize for our improper way of handling this situation and the inconvenience caused.

Following an internal discussion, we have decided to compensate all players with the Shell Credit based on the maximum amount of Shell Credit that had been unexpectedly yielded through this bug to address the negative impact caused. We will round up to the nearest whole number and provide extra compensation to all players: Shell Credit ×1,000,000.

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II. On the Error in 5-Star Weapon Description

As has been discovered by our players, the description of the 5-Star Weapon "Verdant Summit" in the game in certain languages contained a mistranslation. Upon discovering this issue, we promptly corrected the description and issued compensation to all Rovers. We have also initiated a comprehensive internal review of the localized versions of the in-game texts across all the languages that we support. Any corrections or improvements made during the process will be included in the upcoming updates. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and want to reassure you that we're committed to continuously improving the quality of our localization to better the experience for all Rovers.

In the meantime, we will offer a one-time compensation of Forging Tides ×5 to all Rovers for the known localization issue.

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III. On Version Events

We have received extensive feedback on the duration and rewards of the "Overdash Club" event. To address your concerns, we are currently in the process of redesigning the rules and reward schemes for the upcoming events and the immediate solutions are as below:

1. We will introduce a new limited-time special event: "Wuthering Exploration" to offer new rewards and content to improve your gaming experience.

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V. On Combat and Control Experience Optimization

We have heard your feedback regarding the poor experience with autoaiming and auto lock-on, controls, key remapping requirements, and game feel design. Based on the issues that repeatedly come up in player discussions, we have identified the following issues and will address them accordingly, while working on a solution to other known issues not listed below.

(1) Autoaiming/Auto Lock-on and Camera Performance In Battle

In the recent updates, we have disabled the "Combat Camera Correction" feature on PC by default. We have also optimized the default values and ranges for combat camera settings.

(2) Bosses Existing Combat State Unexpectedly

1. In recent updates, we have optimized the aggro ranges for certain bosses, including "Thundering Mephis," "Crownless," "Lampylumen Myriad," and "Impermanence Heron" and adjusted the prerequisites for enemies to leave the combat combat state to reduce abnormal disengagements.
2. In upcoming updates, we will introduce a "Disengagement Warning" feature.

(3) Ghost Touch Issues on Mobile

1. In recent updates, we have expanded the anti-ghost touch area around buttons.
2. Future versions will include further optimizations for mobile controls.

(4) Delayed Availability of Custom Keybinding Feature

1. In version 1.1, the prerequisite to unlock the "Custom Keybinding" feature will be lowered to Union Level 2.
2. We will also introduce a new player tutorial for using the "Custom Keybinding" feature, and we will gradually support more custom keybinding options for both keyboard/mouse and controller modes.

(5) Controller Mode Experience Optimization

1. In version 1.1, we will remap the current controller shortcut of "Open Chat" to "Open Map" and add an option to invert the Y-axis.
2. Future versions will support "Controller Mode" on mobile devices.

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It is great to see that the developers are welcoming to the feedback that the game received and that they have already crafted an action plan to the various issues that arise during the launch. Players can be at ease that the future updates of the game will make an impact that will surely give them a much more enjoyable gaming experience of Wuthering Waves.


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