Lancelot Build and Guide


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Oct 9, 2018
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Lancelot belongs to the assassin category and similar to Hayabusa, he does gain a moment of invincibility during his skills execution. Read on for possible item build and skills information.

EARLY GAME go either top or bottom lane , build the Jungle skill hunter's Knife , farm your first minions wave then go hit 1 jungle Monster , go back hit the second minions wave, try to reach level 4 as soon as possible, Always use your second ability first before hitting any monster it won't deal the maximum damage while not in the specified range, Keep farmin using your Ulti at minion just till you build some item's so you can join the team fight and assist or own some kills,

MID GAME after building some items, Now your damage is quit good enough so i suggest you pick a tank or a supporter to move with , try to hide at first use the bushes use the flicker to surprise them with the second ability then hit the combos untill the second ability CD reset , then hit it again to deal some massive damage, don't you ever ignore the teammates calls for help, Once you hear someone's calling for back up, you have to go ahead and help him, or either you will lose the game while you're still farming, killing enemies and destroying towers, adds gold aswell, stay focused with your teammates.

LATE GAME for lancelot called its pain time after purchasing all of your item's, your damage is going to be extremly insane , it doesn't matter if you go solo or with the team fight, you'll just kick their sweet little butts,
you go first use your second ability then the first ability twice and wait untill you see your enemy using his ultimate then you click your ulitimate to dodge him or dealing quiet cool damage so he can panic to run or either quiet fighting.

+Top duelist
+Good initiator
+Ultimate makes him an unstoppable assassin

-Single target based hero
-Low teamfight presence
-Low CC
-To squishy for initiator
-Always get focused fire
-No sustain