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May 12, 2019
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In the world of "The Breath of the Dragon", all things originated from the True Dragon’breath, it creates the world of Doran and various creatures. The True Dragon sleep deeply and guarding the world of Dolan, only extreme darkness and chaos can awaken the sleeping True Dragon. Every time a real dragon awake, it is an era. With the awakening and sleeping of the True Dragon, the era changed. For true dragons, the wakening stage is extremely short, and the sleep stage is extremely long, so each of the corresponding eras is very long, but when True Dragon wakes up again, the new era reshapes the world of Doran.

When the True Dragon wakes up, the world is extremely dark and chaotic, the True dragon will throw his soul into the world of Doran, reincarnate as a hero, save and reshape the world of Doran.

At the same time, the Dark Dragon Caesar was born in the universe. The Dark Dragon and the True Dragon are born together, but the Dark Dragon is the source of all evil and the maker of every extreme darkness and chaos.

At the beginning of the birth, the True dragon insight into the evil nature of the Dark Dragon, unceremoniously sealed the Dark Dragon under the fallen archipelago. But Dark Dragon never gave up to regain freedom and conquer the world of Doran and revenge the True Dragon. Under the deep islands, he exudes an evil atmosphere and signals, inciting all kinds of creatures in the world of Doran. Dark Dragon promises to give unimaginable power, wealth and eternal life to those creatures that have served him and set him free.

But at the beginning of the true dragon's sleep, the dragon's breath was given to the very small number of intelligent life of Doran. They are the servants of the True Dragon. They are loyal servants to the True Dragon, using the great power given by the True Dragon.

Whenever the epochs alternate, these people will assist the hero who reincarnation of the True Dragon. Eliminating the darkness and evil around the world of Doran, smashing the plot of the Dark Dragon. They are known as "Dragon Guardian."

The Dragon Guardian is a highly talented person or creature with wisdom, among them are men and women. But as an era of an era goes by, some new Dragon Guardians were eroded by the Dark Dragon, and some of them became admirers and followers of the Dark Dragon Caesar because of the pursuit of eternal life and ultimate power. These fallen Dragon Guardians trying to save the Dark Dragon from the abyss of the fallen islands, they and other evil creatures enchanted by the Dark Dragon Caesar gradually formed an organization, because they want to bring the Dark to the world of Doran forever, so they are called " Nocturnals ".

Nocturnals leads each era eventually become chaotic, darkness and chaos will further weaken the power of the real dragon when each era ends. Because when the True dragon sealed the unstoppable power of the dark dragon, it also suffered a fatal blow by Dark Dragon. True Dragon only can fall into the uninterrupted sleep to restore strength.

In the Legend, when the True Dragon wakes up at the ninth time, it is the weakest, time when of the True Dragon, and the Dark Dragon will break through the seal and gain freedom again, bring the darkness to the world of Doran forever.

Class Introduce

Position: Melee/Defend
Warrior represent the strengh and power, they are good at using sword to defeat enemy, mastering the combination attack skill and some range attack skill. Warrior overall skill is outstanding, strong in the melee fight.
Attributes: survival, defense, easy to operate

Description of skills:
Dragon strike: Continuously stab 3 times, dealing 230% +90 damage
Whirlwind: Total 320%+120 damage dealt to 6 nearby enemies for 2 second
Phantom attack: Summon War God slash 3 times in the front and dealt 300% +150 total damage to 8 enemies
Sword Trial: inspire power from body dealt 500% +180 total damage to 10 nearby enemies

Attribute: DPS, control
Archmages is represent the magic and wisdom, they are unique in the alliance. Archmages magic with the great damage power and area of effect control.

Description of skills:
Dragon Light: Sprays the Light of Dragons in the specified direction, dealing 250% +90 damage to the 4 hitted targets
Thunderbolt: Summon Thunderbolt deals 320% +120 damage to 6 targets in the skill area
Ice Nightmare: Converging ice around ourself and detonating, dealing 520% +180 damage to 10 nearby enemies
Water Cyclone: Summons the Water Cyclone around ourself, dealing 400% +150 damage to 8 nearby enemies

Position: Range/Attack
Attributes: DPS, AoE
Archer represent the agile, they were born in The Tree of Life. They keep freezing or they will become quickly in the move.Mastering the long ranged attack skill and they are good at melee as well as Warrior.

Description of skills:
Quick Shooting: Continuously shoot arrows to a direction, dealing 240% +90 damage to 4 targets.
Cloud Arrow: Unleash a large amount of arrows around yourself, dealing 270% +120 damage to 8 nearby enemies
Phoniex Arrow: Summon the Spirit of Phoenix to dealt 400% +150 damage to 6 enemies in front of yourself.
Burst Arrow: Shoots to the sky, causing bursting arrows to dealt 490% +180 damage to 10 enemies in the target area.

Truth Shirne

In <Land of Doran>, we have a lot of gameplay, we are introducing True or False question gameplay call Truth Shirne.
Truth Shirne open at 12pm everyday. after player join the event,they will be teleported to a special zone,system will give players True or False question.

Players can choose Yes or NO, and player will move to the Yes zone or No zone(as you can see the blue one and the red one). If player got the correct answer, system will award you a large amount exp, if player chose the wrong answer system will chance player’s outlook into a duck. That is so funny.

Don’t forget to join Truth Shirne everyday, you can learn some common sense and also get a lot of exp and rewards.

Dungeon- Land of Trial

Hello every one, today I am going to introduce a Gameplay - Land of Trials
It is a dungeon that we can challenge it and defeat boss, get a lot of reward.

Entrance: on the top of main menu”Dungeon”or”Daily”
Dungeon level: Newbie(lv.95),Easy(lv.130), Normal(lv180),Hard(lv230),Hell(lv280)

How to Pass? : kill all 5 waves monster. After killed all monsters you will get the reward!

Reward: Rare equipment and lot of exp. Team with other can get additional 30% exp.
If you use less time to pass the dungeon will get higher grade and more reward. Boss is the last wave of the dungeon, we recommend team up to kill the boss in order to reduce the time.

Equipment Enchancement

Equipment enchancement is a common way to increase power, but some games need to be re-enhanced when changing equipment, which may cause loss of resources. Don't worry about this problem in "Land of Doran". Equipment enchancement will be inherited when changing equipment and no resource loss.

Click the “equip” buttom on the main screen

The better the quality of the equipment, the higher the upper limit of the enchancement level, and the higher the power, so upgrade and get the best equipment.

The equipment also has three additional attribute bonuses: the sum of the enchance level, the sum of the gemstones, and the sum of the star rating of the equipment. When you don’t have enough gold coins, don’t strengthen the high-level equipment, and strengthen the low-level equipment. The overall enhancement level is increase more power than only increase one equipment.

The star bonus and gem bonuses is much powerful: the gemstone bonus can be unlocked by embedding more advanced gemstones. The gem stones can be obtained through various gameplays in the game, and can be synthesized with 3 gemstones of the same grade in the synthetic interface. Higher grade gems. such as three lv. 1 ruin stone stones, can be combined into a lv.2 ruin stone stone. Star bonuses need to be unlocked by the star rating of the equipment. By acquiring the 2 star equipment and synthesizing 3 stars equipment by “challenging the lord” and “treasure hunt”, you can unlock a higher star rating.

Glyph System

Warriors, let me introduce the glpyh tower,it is a good way to increase power.
We can see the glyph interface, pass each 4 stages will unlock a slot of glyph, each character has 8 slot. There are five types glyph:Green, Blue,Purple,Orange,Red. Quality is increased from left to right.

Choose the glyph that you want to upgrade, click lv up to upgrade the glyph.

Click “Change”change glyph.

Some of you guys may ask: How to get glyph exp quickly? Actually, system will give free glyph box to you everyday upon the glyph tower process. The box contains glyphs or glyph gem. More importantly, resolving the glyph you don’t need will gain a large amount glyph experience.

Join Alliance Tournament, star pk, peak arena can get glyph box.
Tips: by resloving glyph, glyph hoard can get pieces of glyph, pieces of glyph can exchange orange and red glyph, it also able to synthesis double attributes glyph.
The combination of glyph will have different choices depending on thecharacter. We recommend common glyph: Attack, HP, Break,Raid,Darkwall
We do not recommend resloving orange or upper glyph, it able to synthesis double attributes glyph.