Langrisser Game Introduction: Rules of Combat


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Aug 7, 2018
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Langrisser is a classic strategy RPG, still burning brightly after 27 years. Today, we’re going to take a look at how battles are fought in Langrisser, in order to understand how its gameplay works. Langrisser is a turn-based strategy role-playing game, which means both sides take turns to attack and move units around the map.
[Attack Range and Danger Zone]

In Langrisser, each unit has a fixed maximum movement range, which determines its attack range. When you tap on a hero, the blue area shown represents their movement range, and the red area represents their attack range. Similarly, when you tap on an enemy unit, you can also see the enemy’s movement and attack range.

In Langrisser Mobile, you can tap on the Danger Zone button in the lower-left corner of the battle interface to determine whether you’re likely to be attacked in the next round.

[Combat Units]
In each battle, you must command multiple troops, each consisting of a hero and ten soldiers. Generally, soldier are positioned in front of the hero. Different kinds of soldiers can be assigned to a hero’s troop.

[Combat Rules]
In battle, the two sides attack in turn according to the rules of the turn-based system. You can move your troops around the map to carry out their orders. Being on the frontline, soldiers usually take damage first, while heroes take damage after their soldiers are killed in battle. When a hero dies in battle, their entire troop will be removed from battle. If all of your troops die, you will lose the battle.

A Retrospective of the Classic Fantasy SRPG Series Langrisser

The Langrisser series (Japanese: ラングリッサー) was first published in 1991 by Masaya, a subsidiary of the Japanese company NCS and developed by Career Soft. Spanning across five generations, it is known as one of Japan’s three great SRPG series, along with Fire Emblem and Tactics Ogre. With its fascinating plot, exquisite characters, and classic soldier and transfer systems, Langrisser is still enjoyed by players around the world to this today. With an enduring legacy of 27 years, Langrisser, the Japanese fantasy masterpiece, is now preparing to launch on mobile. The legend of the Langrisser will soon be in your hands!

Langrisser I

Platform: Mega Drive, PCE, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PC, i-mode
Langrisser I was the ground-breaking pioneer of the series, its greatest innovation being the soldier system, breaking the mold of previous SRPGs that relied solely on an individual character’s strength in battle, and thus changing the history of tactical RPGs forever. Satoshi Urushihara's artwork also granted the game an additional dimension of depth and poignancy. It was later ported to multiple platforms, including PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

Langrisser II

Platform: Mega Drive, Super Famicom, PC-FX, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PC
The sequel Langrisser II was released in 1994. The most obvious difference was the improvement in picture quality and the game’s capacity soaring from 4MB to 16MB. Langrisser II achieved great commercial success and established Langrisser as a classic series. Featuring a matured game system, more soldier types, an increased number of classes, an improved magic system, and the debut of the summoning system, Langrisser II took the genre to a new level, and included hidden maps and items and difficulty levels that granted it endless replayability. It’s no wonder that Langrisser II is regarded as the landmark title of the series.

Langrisser III

Platform: Sega Saturn, PC, PlayStation 2
Langrisser III was released in 1996 and takes place before the events of Langrisser I & II. It features movie-quality animation and storylines never seen before in the series, and also introduced a new relationship system. Langrisser III saw a shift from the turn-based system to a semi-instant attack system, and transfers could be carried out before every battle, which greatly reduced the difficulty of the game.

Langrisser IV

Platform: Sega Saturn, PlayStation
Langrisser IV was released in 1997, shifting the action from the continent of El Sallia to the western land of Yeless, and instead of the protagonist being a Descendant of Light, he is an ordinary boy. This iteration saw the return of the classic battle system from the “Der” version of Langrisser II (short for derivation) featuring multiple plot lines and improved the Langrisser III heroine selection system, combining all the strengths of each title in the series.

Langrisser V

Platform: Sega Saturn, PlayStation
Langrisser V was released on June 18th, 1998 and marked the end of the series. As the last installation in the Langrisser series, Langrisser V serves as a perfect ending to the story, with an excellent system, a plot that unravels the mysteries of the past, and an ending that unveils a new future, remaining in the player’s memory forever.


Alright Commanders! We are coming to you with the first BIG Question & Answer review as we march towards the big day! We know you’re just dying to play a good Strategy RPG masterpiece! As a forward, we at want to extend our warm wishes and thank you for everyone’s support and interest in the game!

As the climb to launch marches onward, we have been listening to you, the fans and the new players and want to quickly and precisely address some of the main questions we see circulating around the web.

A: We know Commanders are eager to start issuing orders and sortie their troops into battle, however we want to bring you as top-notch quality a game to launch as possible. We went to the effort of optimizing the games dialogue for English audiences and worked with some of the best Langrisser Guru’s in North America to make sure our game is the best Langrisser experience to be had. We opted to re-dub with the English voice cast to make everything seamless. We want to make sure what you hear is what you see when playing the English game! We appreciate the patience and it will all be worth it! Thank you. Look forward to the game in the coming WEEKS, not months. You’ll see the announcement very SOON on the Facebook page.

Q: I keep seeing on online forums that this game is censored, what are they talking about??
A: Although the game absolutely has no sex or nudity involved, recently we were forced, in the China version, to censor some of the artwork due to some ratings committees demands by covering up some curves and certain water splashes in coincidental locations. The English release will have all original art and not be censored.

Q: Does your game require a lot of time to grind to progress? I don’t like grindy games!
A: As far as daily quests, we have it to where an average player can clear all of the quests in about ~30+ minutes of play per day to collect the full completion reward. Also, we have played and tested other games, and we feel our game isn’t very grindy because we implemented systems to let the player advance in the “farming” aspects of the game, where you need to collect a certain set of items to do something, with minimal effort using the “sweep” function. As long as you’re able to clear a stage without issue and get that 3 star victory, you can simply “sweep” and clear the level for only the stamina cost and still get all the items and exp you would’ve gotten by playing it manually. This is not unlimited as players with a fortune to spend would just race ahead. You can do normal mode time rift dungeons 10 times a day each, and Hard Mode Time Rift dungeons 3 times each per day. The Time rift is where you farm class advancement material.

Q: How come you’re using weird Chibi Battle sprites? I like another games sprite better.
A: While we respect your opinion, we want you to know where we are coming from on the art direction. Langrisser has a long tradition of using SD or “Super Deformed” Battle sprites, where the heads are not proportional to the bodies. We find it very charming and a homage to the originals - but we are also bringing them to high definition screens in the current year. I think you’ll grow fond of them after a short amount of time, especially after some class upgrades as they obtain new armor and weapons and such forth to improve their looks.

Q: Speaking of art, tell me about your character designs?

A: The grandfather of Langrisser, Satoshi Urushihara, is a famous artist in Japan, he helped found Earth Works and is the artist responsible for such animated films as Legend of Lemnear, The Record of Lodoss War, Plastic little, and others. While Langrisser contains no nudity, the sex appeal is not new or clickbait, it is inspired from the original art and we try our best to channel the Urushihara style and spirit while maintaining a modern appeal.

Q: Why do you have an equipment draw as well? Does that mean I won’t be able to get good equipment without using trinity crystals or money?
A: First, to answer that question on crystals and / or money. No, you won’t. We have plenty of free to play solutions in place, so don’t worry!

Challenge the Demon Dragons daily to get guaranteed SR equipment drops and a chance for SSR at higher levels (40+), as a daily bonus. These monsters also drop Mithril & Orichalcum ore, which you can use to purchase a random SR or SSR loot box of your equipment type of choice from the black market!

If you don’t want to save some ore to buy SSR equipment, sure, go ahead and blow some crystals or vouchers on the equipment draw. We’ve included higher SSR rates on equipment draws and you get 2 SR guaranteed on a 10 pull, thank you for your support! A reminder, there are no draw only equipment. Everything in the draw can be obtained with mithril or orichalcum ore.

Q: Chinese mainland & Taiwan have a PC Client to play Langrisser! Will English Edition be on PC?
A: Regarding the PC client, currently for launch there will be no PC client prepared. We may have good news for you in the future!

Q: Does Langrisser Mobile have PVP?
A: Absolutely. We have AI PVP vs Player configured defensive teams of course…

We also have REAL TIME PvP!

World Matches with awesome prizes for the top contenders!

Don’t worry Commander, if you prefer to stick to slaying demons, you can pass on PVP – just do a quick Daily AI match for the Daily quest collection if you’re a completionist!

Q: Since I’ve never heard of Langrisser, how can I familiarize myself with the lore behind all the heroes?
A: We recognize that with a game series 27 years old but only available in English through fan translations and emulation, we have our work cut out for us. Therefore we’ve implemented the Time Rift in Langrisser Mobile. Inside the time rift you’ll be able to experience all the epic battles from each Langrisser game in the series history. Not only do we have the full original story set in the time after the ‘End of Legend’ Langrisser V, but in the Time Rift you can adventure through a slightly Story & all of the important plot point battles of Langrisser 1, known as Warsong in the USA on the Sega Genesis, and also Langrisser 2! At launch we have the Light Path & Imperial Path that was included in Der Langrisser on the SNES, fully voiced in English for the first time ever!

The remaining Der Langrisser routes and Langrisser 3, 4 & 5 are queued up for future release, so we won’t leave you thirsting for more with nothing to show. Prepare yourselves commanders! We will have an official encyclopedia on the main game website launching soon, stay tuned to our fanpage for latest news and events!

Super-Useful Super-Rare Hero Guide

Silver Wolf
The quintessential Assassin, he can steal buffs when landing critical hits and boost his survival rate when at his most vulnerable, and can ignore Guard and deal unexpected and deadly damage to squishy heroes. Ruthless increases his crit damage, while Riposte increases his damage and crit chance. With the right bow, you’ll soon find out that this wolf’s bite is worse than his bark

Weaknesses: Weak in the early game, Assassins find it difficult to get close to their targets, possessing inferior range to Mages (3 movement + 2 range vs. 3 movement + 3 range. This leads to them often being cut down before they get a chance to shine.


Emerick’s attack increases when he initiates combat, while his defense increases when he is attacked, and like Bernhardt, his passive debuffs nearby enemies. This wise knight is feared for his strategic cunning rather than his sheer strength, and when your movements are carefully coordinated with his passive, he can be said to be one of the tankiest knights in the game. Several of his active skills can help to deal with Lancers (ignoring Guard) or the damage and suppression effects of other soldier types, making him the ultimate strategic cavalryman.

Weaknesses: For a Cavalry hero, his burst damage is relatively weak. He can effectively suppress Infantry, but cannot deal devastating damage to enemy Mages and Archers. In addition, no matter how high a Cavalry unit’s defense is, it can’t compare to that of a true tank.

The most mobile Cavalry unit in the game, she can move up to 8 blocks while ignoring terrain. Her burst damage is very high, and after killing an enemy unit, she can move again and gain bonus attack and defense. When upgraded to Strike Master, she learns a skill that can knock the enemy’s Guard user out of the formation, making her a very powerful Cavalry hero worth upgrading.

Weaknesses: Sonya is relatively fragile, and if she can’t confirm a kill, there’s essentially no way for her to escape certain doom. When facing non-Infantry soldiers and heroes, she’s almost guaranteed to take heavy damage. Overall, the vast majority of her stats are focused on attack, and thus she is not the most versatile of heroes.


Known for her impressive counterattack skills, she’s one of the best tanks in the game before Lv.30. Her passive, combined with Barb and Guard can deal damage three times. After she gets Heavy Shield at Lv.45, her tankiness is still sufficient, and when equipped with the Hard Rock enchantment and paired with Dark Guards, she becomes like a deadly hedgehog. Try for yourself and you’ll see that a Freya with Dark Guards is a completely different hero to a Freya without Dark Guards.
Weaknesses: Freya has low magic defense, and from Lv.35-45 she’s not as tanky as Grenier or Vargas. She is easily nuked down by enemies and has minimal attack capability, so when she’s on low HP, her talent and passive skills become almost useless, and it’s hard for her Fusion Power to effectively support her allies.

As hard as a rock, Vargas is a powerful tank in every stage of the game and is one of the more reliable Guard users. His passive allows him to resurrect after dying and his high defense will grant him high attack in the later stages of the game. The higher his HP is, the tankier he’ll be. If Freya is a deadly hedgehog, Vargas is a stone turtle.

Weaknesses: The problem with being a pure tank is that Vargas has quite low damage. The innate stats of Lancers mean they are unable to deal very much damage to the enemy. When your Vargas has Guard available, your other heroes will have to do more damage to compensate for his inability to launch a powerful counterattack.

The advantages and disadvantages of this SR hero are obvious. Kirikaze is characterized by his high attack and burst damage, and his critical strikes grant HP recovery and cooldown reduction. Like all other heroes with the Air Slash skill, he can attack from range, and his Flash, combined with his talent and Mind’s Eye, mean that his chances of landing a critical hit are very high

Weaknesses: Kirikaze is an Infantry hero, and we already have Matthew as a viable option for this role. Even though he is a good SR hero and can also be upgraded to an Assassin class, his Assassin skills are not as good as his Infantry skills.


A top tier SR hero, Sophia is an excellent support healer, with an AoE magic defense buff that grants immunity to stun and effects that prevent you from being buffed. Her talent, combined with her Mass Heal and Rewind, can greatly improve her self-healing and cooldown reduction, and Rewind can also help her allies to deal maximum damage for 2 consecutive rounds. When working together with another healer in the Secret Realm, she can ensure that her whole party is fully healed each round.

Weaknesses: As a support healer, her support abilities are stronger than her healing capabilities, which are stifled by her low intelligence growth.

Chris, like Ledin, is an anti-Demon hero, and excels at battling the Ice Dragon in the Goddess Trial. Her talent buffs teammates, as well as herself, and her Valkyrie class has skills that deal damage while either healing her allies after battle or dispelling enemy buffs, making her a strong attack and support hero at the same time.

Weaknesses: Though she is a healer, she doesn’t have a reliable source of self-healing and has no clear advantages in battle, unless fighting Demons.



A Mage with 3 AoE skills, his talent can cause huge amounts of damage, and he has a range of debuffs up his sleeve. A god in the arena, Egbert is truly the master of debilitation.

Weaknesses: As his burst damage is quite low, he’s not very useful in PVE and is mainly used in the arena.
This extremely popular character is also extremely deadly, with the powerful Teleport, Thunder Storm, and Meteor skills at his command, and his talent steadily improving his damage. When you use his fire and thunder skills’ class priorities to deal bonus damage to your opponent’s soldiers, it leaves the enemy hero open to follow-up attacks. Also, Hein has his own Gate of Fate, so you can easily gather his Memory Shards.

Weaknesses: He doesn’t have any AoE skills until LV. 35, and his talent only reaches its full potential at high star levels.
One of the very best SR heroes, her Bishop path allows her to wield a passive AoE heal alongside the terrifying damage of a deadly Mage. Her Archmage’s Blizzard skill can be used to cripple enemy Lancers, and Thunder Storm, obtained after upgrading to Queen, can also be used to boost her damage output. Imelda receives a very strong group support skill before even reaching her ultimate class and her talent effects work very well to increase damage. The higher her star level, the higher her damage, as this frightening SR possesses a very high intelligence growth rate.

Weaknesses: None. She has it all: buffs, healing, AoE, you name it and Imelda’s got it covered. When it comes to SR heroes, Imelda is at the top of the pack.

One of the strongest Archers in the game, with above-average attack power and crit. Her amazing skill Aim allows her to reach targets up to 7 blocks away, and her passive can keep her agile while Aim cools down., She is as capable of kiting as a Flier unit, and in the later stages of the game, Narm is the perfect answer when your Lancers are taking too much damage from high magic defense, high attack Flier enemies.

Weaknesses: Narm’s magic defense is low and it’s quite easy for her to be seriously damaged by magic. In addition, Archers are weak to various classes, and when melee units get too close to them, they can be killed in seconds. That makes this role very demanding. What's more, her powerful skill Roundabout is completely wasted when on auto mode in the arena.

The first SR you encounter, joining your team during the tutorial, his talent helps him deal with Fliers (but Cavalry are another matter), he can help you to grab hidden chests at the start of the game, and he can use his Heavensguard soldiers to outstanding effect.

Weaknesses: His damage is low for a Flier, even though he has all the shortcomings of this unit type.