Langrisser M's Adventurer Aid Program is up for 2 weeks to aid players in progressing faster

In an industry filled with idle, afk games, there are some games that offer strategic gameplay if you tried it. Some have tower defense and the randomness of auto that will leave you checking for more, others have no auto but requires your complete focus to call upon their actions, while there are games that require tactical abilities in order to achieve victory first, let's talk about that. Of course, I am talking about Langrisser M.

Langrisser M or Langrisser Mobile is an SRPG or more known as a strategy role playing game, along with Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. Langrisser's flair comes from strategic value of units as for their class advantages, troop upgrades, proper placements, and bonds. Some may even circumvent their class advantage via the power that you have given to them while others can be taken down even if you are a bit lower in level due to your placements and how you take them down the enemy via strategy. The only problem that newbies usually come across to is the time-gated quests and higher training grounds for troops and all. So they have planned a way in order for those aspiring commanders who have just started or might have been stuck for a while to catch up via Adventurer Aid Plan

The Adventurer Aid Plan runs from May 7 to May 21, making it a 2-week event for players level 60 and below. Since Level 60 is the level where all players have an almost equal ground to one another, it is befitting that level 60 is the place to stop the program at. While AAP is active, Secret Realm contents such as Aniki's Gyms which gives out training materials for your troops, Angelica's Special Training School which gives EXP potions for your units to level up quickly, Goddess Trials which gives you weapon EXP and new equipments for your units, Bonding Realm which gives you bond items for your units will have double daily bonuses which will greatly affect progression. In this 2 weeks, players can get a big boost from their dailies twice as much efficient as before.

Another thing to look out is the giving out of daily burgers each half of the day, which amounts to 4 burgers a day, these burgers refill 50 stamina each one so it would really help for you to grind out the secret realms better. Daily quests also give double the amount of EXP, which levels up your account much quicker than before. Not to mention that Goblin Stolen Treasure gives 2 keys everyday instead of 1 which doubles your gold production and Time Rift rewards are also doubled, there's a lot of doubling down in the game for newbies right now, and it's a good doubling down, in a good way of course!

Well, here's another good thing albeit unrelated to the AAP, Langrisser has a PC port! So if you are running out of space in your mobile or you plan to multitask your gacha games in the mobile while you play Langrisser in the PC, it's totally possible, I daresay that it is faster to play in the PC rather than mobile, so check it out!


Langrisser has been known to have a lot of grind and I have witnessed it myself but you can really circumvent them with team battles, joining a helpful guild, learning how to minmax a unit, faction building to prepare to level 35 and more! Adventurer Aid Plan will definitely help players who plan to have a long term gaming experience with an SRPG that has a lot of things to offer, so as a fellow player, hop in and try the game for yourself!
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