Laplace M Advanced Guide on Level 70 Weapons


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May 22, 2019
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Advanced Guide on Level 70 Weapons - Guys, as you may know, Level 70 dungeon and equips is fast approaching and in 2 weeks, it will be here. Do note that the last equips that will drop are level 60 weapons and armors. There is no level 70+ equipment that will drop.

Does that mean you are stucked with lvl 60 equips? No. Level 70 dungeon will still drop level 60 gold equips at a higher rate (same as that of the current 50+ equips drop rate on level 60 dungeon) So what are the implications?

Level 60 golds price will severely drop by as much as 75%. You will see gold level 60 weapons at 4.5M. However, this is NOT a guarantee as it will still depend on the server. The higher your job population is in your server, the higher the price of your class weapon. (If there are many rangers in your server, price is higher etc.)

Level 70 dungeon will now drop the upgrade items for weapons and armor. As for the weapon, to upgrade level 60 to 70 - you will need 1 weapon upgrade emblem + 125 crystals. (For 70-80 it will be 300 crystals and 1 upgrade emblem).

What will happen to your weapon?

1. It will be the same class. Apocalypse will still be apocalypse and so is light of avatar or whatever weapon (or armor) class you have. That is why its VITAL to get the weapon/armor class you need at 60 before upgrading. Light of Avatar gives higher BR than the rest of the weapon but kindly weigh in what weapon do you need as for example Ranger, Ninja and Asura - Apocalypse may be better unless you think you need the 4% accuracy and 150 def more than the crit % and ignore defense.

2. Upon upgrading your item to another level class, it will lose all advancements. So if you invested III advancement, it will go back to 0.

3. Main attributes will change depending on the main attributes of the level 70/80 equips. Example, Apocalypse will lose the +150 agi as it turns to 2% ignore defense.

4. Additional attributes from Reforge will remain.

5. Price of the upgrade emblem is fixed base on my observation and is not affected by supply and demand (Just like guardian shards). For weapon, its 9M, for armors, its 7.5m. Do note each armor has its own emblem eg. upgrade emblem for boots, belt, armor, talisman etc.

I think thats it. Ill edit this post in case I forgot something but for the meantime, I have to sleep.

Credits to Budek Jungco

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