Laplace M Assassin Build Discussion


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May 22, 2019
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Assassin - The "Glass Cannon" class, can dish out High damage at succession. As you can know , pwede kayong gumawa ng 2 skill sets sa Laplace M.

As for the Assassin , you can build the sets for PvP and PvE

So what to build for PvE?

Since Level 42 pa lang ako , I only have 37 SP atm ( Skill points )

Maxing out Cross Cleave will give you the best damaging skill atm combined with the max Passive of Void phantom , you will do 15k to 20k damage depending on your BR. You dont need to get the passive of Cross Cleave since ang goal ng skill set na to is to dish out HIGH DPS as possible in a short time. And Since naka max out din ang shadow strike , may sustainability ka so no worries in doing PvE. Syempre there is always a cleric on a party so you dont need to worry about your Hp. Also with the help of Void Phantom , you will avoid getting hard CC ( Crowd Control ) like stun or freeze since natatanggal ng Void Phantom ang any CC.

What to build for PvP?

Sa kagaya kong Assassin ( Asura ) main sa Kr server , there is this build called the "STUN LOCK" build. See skill set 1

Ang main goal ng build na to is to stun and kill the enemy without giving him a chance to move or fight back. Since glass cannon ang assassin , most of the time hindi ka magtatagal sa long and sustained fights.
Maxing out Blade assault and its passive will give you a 1.5 stun skill against your enemy. Followed by void phantom and shadow strike then wolf frost ( 2 sec stun ulit ) plus a couple of hits bago yung Assassination Art. This cycle will not give your enemy to move at all while you also deal high dps because of the void phantom passive.

Hindi lang to effective against PvP like Arena / Treasure Hunter and GW , you can also use this on PvE na hindi immune sa stun ang mga boss or NPC fights.

Credits to Chiyaki from S27. Share ko lang to since madame akong nakikitang tanong about this.

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