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May 22, 2019
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An imperfect descending asura combo + skill build. I made a mistake on timing since I haven't actually mastered the technique, but the mechanics are the same. Timing is key.

(Not my best damage since I'm not yet buffed and using an imperfect set)

Double descending fast asura combo:

Hide + dash + normal hit + shadow strike + descending asura + normal hit + shadow strike + normal hit + descending asura.

Triple descending asura

Hide + dash + normal hit + shadow strike + descending asura + normal hit + shadow strike + normal hit + descending asura + normal + dash + normal + shadow strike + descending asura
(can go for 4th but I can't seem to perfect the 4th set so maybe someone else can. Just need to add the hide + normal + dash + shadow strike into the mix. My hands are too slow or my timing isn't right.)

These are called sets because you have to reset with your team at some point. The point of this fast combo is to do as many descending asuras as you can before you reset positions/transform/place buffs or die. Timing will always be key since assassins are combo point reliant. I know that if this was an easier boss, you would have all the time you want to do unlimited descending asura combos but for zodiac 10, rev 10 and so on, you'll have to reset or transform at a certain time where this combo might come in handy before you do anything else.


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May 12, 2019
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Baka may gusto mangopya ng Asura build ko.

Set 1 for PvP and Revelation trials. Reduces Healing by 75% for 6 seconds with additional stuns. Hide with passive for additional crit. Asura tree skills for additional heal and damage for shadow strike and additional crit damage + physical damage. This build makes healers useless.

Set 2 for most content. Its a strict dodge/dmg build with same passives as set 1 for additional crit damage and overall damage.

You can see the set number on the top left of the picture. The passives are all the same. The only difference is the selected combo point skill. Personally, descending asura is a bad choice as of now. It does not do any additional benefit for you or your team except for the additional 50% crit chance where it can be replaced with hide and its passive skill. Descending asura has too high of a combo point requirement to be said relevant for anything unless you need pure dps then maybe it can come in handy, but for now its just useless. You can do way more damage by getting crits using hide and cross cleave combo.

(You have a base amount of crit depending on how high your agi is, your cards, and your equipments.)

Edit: Due to the new update on Descending Asura, it has actually become a more damage consistent skill. It may become useful for more content now that it ignores 30% def with a 50% chance to crit with your additional base crit and if you include the passive, a 50% chance to hide for every use. I'm not sure if its true, but on the update sheet it said that it might also give combo pts per use so that's good.


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May 12, 2019
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Ey guys, this post is for newbie lang sa Assasin/Asura.

Para sa mga naghahanap ng Combo sa PvP, why won't you try my combo, did'ya? Here we go.

"The Stunner"

-Blade Assault max out the passive to have 1.5 seconds stun.

-Enhanced Shadow Strike, in my case kaya naging level 6 yan dahil may emblem ako na +1 sa kanya. Another 1.5 seconds stun again.

-Assasination Art, sabi nila di na daw kinukuha to as Asura, pero for me need siya dahil meron itong 2 seconds na stun at yung passive niya ay may -75% of healing in 6 SECONDS pag sinagad ang ups (diba ang tagal)

-Frost Wolf another 2 seconds stun again.

Sa Asura Tab naman
- Level 5 palang yung Enhanced Shadow Strike ko dahil sa level 60 pa yan ma-uupgrade at yung passive niya na crit level 8 para pure crit talaga although ang Asura ay Critical type.

So compute natin lahat, bali meron kang 5.5 Seconds once na mapatama at kumagat ito sa kalaban mo. Kaya mong pumatay ng isang combo lang yun ay kung sapat yung stats mo.

PS: Lahat ng passive sa Assasin Tab, ay max upgrade lahat.


Credits to: Nhoj Luap, kanya daw pala tong skill build

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