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May 22, 2019
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Asura - A promoted class of Assassins. Masters of critical hits and massive DPS. If you are looking for a class that deals high damage on a short period of time , then this is for you.

What is the role of an Asura?
Primary , you're job is to deal the most damage for the party while still being on the frontline or in the sidelines. You can either choose to wait for the right moment to strike or to face your enemies head-on. This class is tricky and flexible since you can carry different type of combos depending on the situation you are into.

So lets get into it!


NOTE: Asura doesnt have mana to use skills meaning , you can always chain/juggle and spam your skills to maximize your damage output without worrying the cost to cast it except for the skills such as Descending Asura , Assassination Art and Cross Cleave that requires combo point to use. A series of complete auto attacks gives a combo point while skills gives a combo point also when used.

First of all , there are two types of Skill builds that you can use , a build for PvE and a build for PvP.
Always remember that bringing the right skills for a certain situation will always optimize your chances of success to perform your best.

NOTE: All of the builds I'll be mentioning requires 96 Skill Points ( SP ) this is the minimum/optimal number to maximize the effectiveness of the build. Feel free to experiment/adjust if you still lack the SP needed.

PvE Build

( Critical Overload )
This build showcases the superiority of Asura in dealing critical damage and as well as sudden burst damage. Take note that this build is party reliant because you will take the boss's aggro because of your damage output that increases your threat level.

Blade Assault - Level 1
- serves as your movement skill , can be used to either chase enemies or dodge skills. This skill also gives 2 combo point when succuessfully hitting an enemy so chaining it along with your skills will do a quick damage output. Maxing this out is optional if you have more SP to spare.

Shadow Strike - Level 10
- one of your primary damaging skills , low CD , gives one combo point when used and can be juggled in between your auto attacks and skills. Can also be used to trigger your "burst combo" along with the Descending asura skill. This skill is also your sustain since it heals you for the 10% damage done by this skill.

Void Phantom - Level 5
Shadow Attack - Level 5
- your buff skill. When used , it gives you one combo point and you can remove any CC that affects you while also giving you movement speed and stealth status along with the 30% dodge rate increase. And getting the skill passive will also give you an extra 30% critical rate. Maxing this skill is not a good decision since it will only prolong the movement speed duration but not the buffs.

Descending Asura - Level 10
- your main damaging skill. This skill requires 5 combo points to use and has a 50% chance to critically hit so having a 20% critical rate + the 30% critical buff from the Void Phantom will ensure this skill to deal a critical strike that hits multiple enemies surrounding you.
Maxing this out is a must!

Enhanced Shadow Strike - Level 10
- the enhancement skill of Shadow Strike , it gives out additional damage and stun effect for 1.5 secs. Maxing this is a must!
Getting the passive for this skill is optional if you have SP to spare since it gives out chance for the skill to critically hit.

Asura Mastery - Level 10
- gives 5% critical rate

Asura Zen Mastery - Level 10
- increases physical damage done by 5%

Asura Normal Attack - Level 10
- increases critical damage by 30%

Enhanced Asura Normal Attack - Level 5
- normal attacks will give you 5% critical rate.

All Attributes Mastery - Level 20
- increases your attack by 100 , defense by 100 and HP by 3000.

( Sustained Critical )
This build is the alternate version of the Critical Overload which will give you high survivability while still dealing a decent amount of damage. I recommend this build when against NPC and Card Realms that requires you to run it solo.

Instead of getting Descending Asura , you will replace it with Level 5 Cross Cleave and Level 5 Phantom. Aside from the fact that it only costs 3 combo point to use which means you can spam it more , Phantom will give you a 30% dodge rate for 5 secs when you use Cross Cleave so using it along with Void Phantom will give you a total of 60% dodge rate that can be used to dodge attacks for a period of time.

You will also lower the level of Shadow strike to 5 and get the Technique to level 5 which enhances the heal effect of Shadow Strike which means getting more HP for your survivability.

PvP Build

I recommend using the Critical Overload build for PvP since this is your most deadly arsenal that can easily delete your enemies specially those who doesnt have a lot of defense like priests , rangers , pyro and fw.

Right timing and execution of the build is the key to make it effective against PvP.

The proper execution would be Blade Assault + Shadow Strike then auto attack to trigger your critical rate and critical damage passive increase then use Void Phantom to get out and position yourself again
By this time you will already have 4-5 combo points to use your "burst combo" against a squishy target
The execution would be Void Phantom then Blade Assault + Auto Attack then Descending asura + shadow Strike at the same time.
Be sure to use Descending Asura before Shadow strike to trigger the animation cancel so that both skills will hit at the same time giving a huge amount of burst damage that will not give your target the time to transform and instantly die.

When you master this technique , it will give you the edge to pick out squishy targets to destroy the party formation while keeping yourself safe.

An alternate build would be swapping out Descending Asura with Assassination Art if you want to be more of control sided for team fights.


You're main goal is to increase your STR and AGI stats since this affects the damage done and your critical rate percentage. Also you will need a decent amount of VIT since this gives you more HP so you can avoid getting killed instantly when you are caught in the middle of a fight.

For your Card and Equipment Attributes
- Focus on getting this stats to make your Asura more efficient and deadly

Damage Multiplier ( Dmg x stats )
- this amplifies your damage done both in auto attacks and in your skills. I recommend to hit 2.0 above multiplier for more devastating DPS

Lifesteal Rate
- This is the healing done by your auto attacks and skills. Focus on getting the Lifesteal Rate rather than the flat lifesteal value since rate depends on your damage done while the flat value remains constant.
Having atleast 15-20% lifesteal rate will enable you to tank boss since the higher the damage you deal will also increase your threat level meaning you will get the aggro. By having enough lifesteal , you will have enough sustain to regain your HP lost.

Critical Damage Increase
- Since Asura has a lot of critical rate , increasing your critical damage will boost your DPS a lot and will maximize the use of your critical hits.

Critical Rate Increase
- Hit atleast 30-40% flat critical rate to make sure you will land critical hits more.

Additional Healing Receive
- Aside from getting more HP from heals of Priests/Rangers , it will also boost your lifesteal and Shadow Strike Skill effect.

Ignore Physical Defense %
- a must get stats for Asura if you want to melt Tanky enemies like Bosses and Paladins.
It automatically ignores a percentage of your enemies defense dealing more damage and allowing your critical hits to do more DPS.

Optional Stats that you can also look out for is Dodge Rate , Damage Reduction , Str % multiplier , Agi % multiplier and Accuracy Rate.

P.S Feel free to use this guide or revise as you see fit. HAPPY GAMING!

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