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Aug 7, 2018
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Open world romantic adventure mobile game, Laplace M, will be officially launched, thank you for your support and appreciation. The following are some frequently asked question, please read it carefully.

Firstly, I would like to show you some key focus of the test!

A: The server will be opened at 9AM (GMT+7) on March 5, 2019.

2.Q: Is the Top-up available when officially launched?
A: Top-up will be available after launch, when you reach Lv.10, “Top-up” icon will appear in the upper right corner of the interface.

3.Q: Which countries do you cover?
A: App Store: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei.
Google Play: Singapore ,Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

4.Q: Where can we download Laplace M?
A: You can download the game on App Store or the Google Play Store by searching for “Laplace M”.
Visit our official page and just straight to download page:

5.Q: How many language does Laplace M have? How to switch the language?
A: English, Thai, Indonesian and Simplified Chinese are available in Laplace M, you can switch the language in Settings.

6.Q: What are the minimum requirements for installing the game?
A: At a minimum, the phone should be above Android 4.4, double cores, and 2G memory, or above IOS9.0 with 1G memory.

7.Q: Will there be a PC version?
A: PC version will be available after the official launch, please stay tuned for the latest news on Facebook.

8.Q: Are the characters created in IOS and Android devices interoperate in game?
A: Yes, it will be interoperate in the same server.

9.Q: How to bind a guest account? Is it possible to change the binding?
A: The guest account can be bound settings → Bind the account. Currently, the bound account is not supported to change. Based on different App systems, the types of accounts which can be bound are: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Line.

10.Q: If encounter a problem with an unreceived Top-up, what should I do?
A: If you encounter a problem with an unreceived Top-up, it may be a problem with the internet, please wait. If it does not appear in your account after a while, then please contact customer services in game, or leave a message on Facebook.

11.Q: How to get in-game currency?
A: It can be obtained through main quests, side quests and various activities, it can also be obtained via Top-up.

12.Q: Why can’t buy shells on auction in Market when it shows that I have enough Spirals?
A: There are two different kinds of Spirals in game, bound spirals and unbound spirals, of which the bound spirals (with a word of “Gift” in lower corner) can’t be used in auction and some other events.

13.Q: What can I do when I complete the main quest?
A: Tap Daily Event list, and join to get the EXP. You can help others participating in the quest to get the Helper Cards, the cards can be used to buy items.

14.Q: Why can’t get EXP when participating some activities?
A: Some event in game should subject to EXP limit, you can’t get the EXP when you reach the limit, but you can still join in some other event which is not subject to EXP limit. For more information, please tap “?” in top left corner of the Kingdom.

15.Q: How to know the content of all gameplay in the game?
A: Tap the "Kingdom" button on the main interface to view the contents of all gameplay.

16.Q: How many characters can be created in a server? Can I delete a character?
A: At most 4 new characters can be created in a single server, and currently does not support deleting a character.

17.Q: When will the class promotion available?
A: The class promotion starts at Lv.50, each class has two promotion directions, new exclusive skills and more professional experience will be unlock after the promotion.

18.Q: What’s AR Pet Catching?
A: iPhone and some Android users will be able to experience the exclusive AR pet capturing function and interact with the in-game pets. Turn on the “AR Pet Capture” function and you will be able to capture the pets in a real-world environment! If you can’t use AR Pet Catching function, please check if your device support this function.

19.Q: Whether the items in game can be tradable?
A: Some items in Laplace M can be traded via “Market” in game, enjoy the game.

20.Q: Can we change character name in game?
A: You can re-name once for free, then it may cost some spirals to re-name.

21.Q: What’s the Truesight Eye? What can we get in Truesight Eye?
A: Truesight Eye will be unlocked in main quest, kinds of precious items can be found in Truesight Eye.

22.Q: How can I report bugs, comments or suggestions of our game?
A: 1) Tap “Service” on top left corner, fill in and submit your questions in steps; or submit your questions in “Customer Service” on Settings.
2) Contact customer server via the inbox on Facebook.

Have a good time!

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