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May 22, 2019
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Hello again! I am LeafRider from ArmasPH, Zone 1, Server 4 and I am happy to present to all of you my latest recommendation for Frostweavers out there. This is the DPS Heavy, Eternal Winter Build. Special thanks to karel from my Guild for lending me her FW to make playtesting possible! Let me stress that this is a PvE build not suitable for any content with a lot of CC (stuns, slows, etc.)

So anyway, this build relies heavily on 100% non-stop dps up time abusing multiples to make sure there is not a second where you are not doing damage. I call it Eternal Winter because it relies on juggling 4 skills that have a cooldown that is a multiple of the number 3.

These are:

Frostbird 3 Seconds (2.5 second cd rounded up to 3).
Ice Storm 6 Seconds
Ice Ward 9 Seconds
Word of Elements 30 seconds

So first the skill build. Note that I don't use pictures because I want you to read and appreciate the build.

Ice Storm 10 + 5 Winter's Bite
Frostbird 10 + 5 Focused Energy
Word of Elements 10 + 5 Farewell
Mage Skill Total 45sp

Iceward 10+5 Enchanced Ice Ward
Frostweaver Normal Attack 10
Frostweaver Zen Mastery - 5
Forstweaver Skill Total 30sp

Gloves Skill: Power of Anger or Ice Wolf.

Total Sp Consumption 75sp (for higher level Frostweavers, max out Frostweaver Zenmastery followed by Array Mastery: Attack)

How to use this build. Ok so by now I know you are thinking, where the f is Blink? Honestly it's not needed in PvE all it does is heal (you have your priest for that) and the mdef shred isn't worth it because if you move, you lose DPS up time (by the time you face the enemy again the 5 seconds mdef reduc would be over anyway). This build heavily relies on NOT MOVING so the less you move the more DPS you do.


For those who are new to playing MMORPGs a skill rotation is the optimum arrangement of skills to maximize your role's potential.

You start in the following order:

Normal Attack (wait for the +30% Attack Stat up) + WoE and Power of Anger + Ice Ward + Ice Storm + Frostbird then juggle. I like to use Frost bird as my timer so in one 9 second cooldown of Ice Ward 3 Frostbirds should have gone out and 1 Icestorm and in 1 Icestorm cooldown 2 Frostbirds should have gone out. I know it's a bit much to understand but with practice you can feel the skill juggling. There will be a time where everything will be on cooldown but during this time, Ice Ward or Icestorm should still be on the floor doing dps while you normal attack to keep that sweet +30% Attack Up Buff Up.

Tested this build on a movement heavy fight like Z8 and I still topped dps and it worked even without blink haha.

For more skill builds and guides, you can join ArmasPH on Server 4. We have learning parties and clear parties. We are currently teaching our Baron Rank Players Zodiacs 7-9.

Thank you for reading!

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