Laplace M Guardian Guide


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May 22, 2019
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About the guardian, Here we are yet again another guide. Guardian or you can called them pet, is actually pretty useful in battle they have their own skill and they have passive that help us raise stat.

You can access guardian menu at the right of your screen right under your skill menu. You get guardian by capture them with net or by combine shard which you got from treasure map.

Capture guardian

As mentioned before you use then It’ll teleport you to the map now you have 2 option
  1. Capture it yourself you’ll have 3 try and they ‘ll let you choose 1 of 3 pet you got(only 1) to sign the contact
  2. Let npc capture for you. You’ll pay them money and you’ll got to choose pet that they capture. If you use x10 option they will choose the highest br of each round for you to choose so if you try to find specific pet you’d use option x1

Guardian Status
  1. Guardian passive and personality this will random to each guardian(even the same type) use can reset it by
  2. This is guardian skill which will open up by increase their star. You can replace the skill from skill book and level up the skill by the same type of skill book you can get this skill book from various place such as treasure, event, quest
  3. You can raise the lv of guardian by and when they max out the can evolve and gain 1 more star. You’ll needto sacrifice other guardian of the same star to evolve them
  4. You can transfer guardian lv to other guardian by paying 00 cash currency (say, you get a new one that you like her Skill more)

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