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May 22, 2019
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Hello again! It's LeafRider from ArmpasPH of Server4 Z1 and based on the votes, I bring to you this Paladin Build! (Special thanks to Barbaroy for playtesting)

So you are reading this because you decided to take a different yet still selfless roll in the land of Laplace - M, the Paladin! Basically, your Paladin is the tank archetype of this MMORPG and your role is to soak up all the damage any enemies can deal and make sure that your party stays alive. A tank is the play-maker in any party, the speed and tempo of the entire dungeon or raid depends on you. Thus I prefer to classify tanks as a high difficulty yet rewarding role because anyone will love a capable tank.

Here are some terms that you need to be familiar with before you appreciate this build. Please read this if you are new to the MMORPG gaming world.

1. Mitigation - When you mitigate, you use skills, spells and abilities to reduce incoming damage. We will henceforth refer to the act of reducing damage as mitigation.

2. Cooldowns - Defensive cooldowns are your bread and butter and as much as possible we want to keep 1 cooldown up at any given point to make sure that you are giving yourself the ability to survive and your healer time to breathe.

3. Pulling/Stacking - The act of pulling mobs or enemies is on your responsibilities. When you pull an enemy or group of enemies, you have to make sure they are stacked properly and neatly and IN POSITION so that your dps can burn the f*** out of them and you clear the dungeon faster.

4. Threat/Aggro - Threat generation is the key to making sure that your party stays alive. At any given point you are to have threat on you (marked by a red skull by your name in the party list) meaning the boss or enemies should be attacking YOU and no one else. Therefore, any form of threat removal is counter intuitive to your role. SO SORRY NO RAGE BURST. HAHAH

5. Taunting - Every tank has a taunt. Taunts are important because it makes sure that enemies are not attacking your friends.

OK! Let's begin this build I like to call the Fortress of Yggdrasil. Why fortress? Because we are going to make you so tanky you barely need to move. Why Yggdrasil? because it's edgy AF.

BladeStorm 10 + Intimidation 5 (Attack -25% 3 second Mitigation)
Protection of Light 10 + StalwartShield 5 (Mtigation) (3 second invulnerability + 6 Seconds Additional Block = 9 seconds total mitigation)
Savage Jump 1 (Pull skill to make sure you are ahead of anyone else)
10 Array Mastery HP (slot your gold guardian here)
Warrior Skills Total: 41sp

Holy Strike 10 + 5 Enhanced Holy Strike (4 Second Mitigation, +1.5 if you count the stun)
Advanced Protection of Light 10 + 5 Superior Protection of Light
Paladin Normal Attack 10 + 5 Enhanced Paladin Normal Attack (what a beautiful skill, almost 30% mitigation on a frequent basis!)
Paladin Mastery 10
Paladin Zen Mastery 10 (if you lack sp, you can reduce skill points here for 10sp it only provides 5% damage reduction so the trade off isn't that amazing)
HP Mastery 5
Paladin Skills Total: 70sp

Total 111sp

Glove Skills: Defense Totem is good, otherwise Maple Bear


Right so you have 4 active skills, one of which is at level 1 for the sheer purpose of it being a gap closer.

SO.. When faced with a mob (think the start of Snow Chapter) you wanna jump right in there and effectively suck them all in with Protection of Light and that should give you 9 seconds worth of absorbing damage and you set the group up for a kill. RULE OF THUMB WITH TANKING is to ALWAYS FACE THE MONSTERS AND MOBS AWAY FROM THE PARTY ESPECIALLY BOSSES. Now, you are going to take a beating from all the mobs so you want to juggle your cool-downs and rotate them in a way something is always covering you (if you're taking too much damage, use 2 at the same time and pray you healer knows how to heal).

You want to use Savage Jump to get in the middle and immediately Protection of Light (taunt the mobs or boss right away) + Normal Attacks + BladeStorm (3 seconds) + Normal Attacks + Holy Strike (4 Seconds) + Normal Attacks + Savage Jump (The 1.5 Second Stun can be used as mitigation) + Normal Attacks all the way back to Protection of Light (but you save this in case you lose the boss's aggro especially useful for high DPS that steal threat)

NOW FOR BOSS FIGHTS it's a different story. Bosses have nasty skills that can wipe the party (We call this Tank Busters, a tank barely survives after this so anyone else that gets hit is dead, gg) and mechanics but rule of thumb is to face them AWAY. You use your mitigation skills IF AND ONLY IF you know something painful is going to hit you (Like dexter's red sword strike, z7's breath attack, Z9s AoE Fireburst) In fact with protection of light's 3 second invulnerability you can soak all those skills ez. So basically, don't spam and use skills as needed sometimes you wanna save protection of light to taunt. For example your are getting hit with really hard normal attacks from a boss, pop a skill so your healer can catch up.

Some Notes:

*There is SOME damage in this build just in case someone takes threat away.

*Spam your normal attacks because damn, that's near permanent mitigation.

*As much as possible, don't move or move as little as possible when tanking if you can dodge an AoE with one step, do it. If you move, the boss/mobs move and players walking means players not doing dps. Be confident in your ability to survive and soak damage.

*ArmasPH best guild haha jk.

Thank you so much for reading!

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