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May 22, 2019
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Enlightenment for Paladins, This is a quick guide for Paladins na naguguluhan sa ipa-prioritize na stats and attributes.You are free to follow this or revise as you see fit pero this is a general knowledge to make you an effective Paladin.

Take note: Hindi to guide para pataasin yung BR but a guide to be an effective Paladin na kakatakutan in both PvE and PvP.

So what is the role of a Paladin?

Alam naman naten na role ng Paladin ang pagkuha ng aggro ng mobs and to tank and soak up as much damage as you can to prevent your party from dying and to let your DPS members like Assassin and mages to do their job.

So paano ka magiging effective na Paladin? Ano anong stats yung dapat nasayo?

Basically , you need a LOT of VIT because it raises your HP Then STR to affect your damage percentage rate.

STR and VIT lang ba ang kailangan na stats?
Well , priority yun ng Paladins but keep in mind na dapat nasa bare minimum din yung iba mong stats to make you balance.

Ano pang aspects ang pwede mo pagtuunan ng pansin?

This is where it gets tricky and complicated.
After mo ma-meet yung recommended stats for you , meron pang ibang bagay na makakapag palakas ng Paladin without worrying about your damage.

What are this stats?

• Flat HP stats - For example is yung stats na nagbibigay ng constant HP like HP + 9000 stats , remember to focus on it rather than getting the plus VIT stat kase percentage lang yung dagdag ng VIT while sa plus HP , constant na yung Value at hindi na affected ng percentage.

Saan makikita yung stats na ganito?
You can get it via equipments and cards. RGN yung stat na to so you really need to do a lot of refines and reforge.

• Damage Reduction stats - eto yung stats na nag aapply after the armor/defense stats. For example , 1000 attack yung lalapat sayo , and you have an armor of 200 ( i dont really know yet about the computation for this but iaapply ko lang yung general rule ) , percentage ng 200 armor mo yung mababawas sa 1000 damage na marereceive mo , meaning , hindi porke 200 armor mo eh minus 200 na agad yun sa damage na marerecieve mo. After this calculation , dun pa lang magtetake effect yung damage reduction stats. Lets say after mabawasan ng 200 armor mo yung 1000 damage , like naging 900 na lang yung dmg , then you have 10% damage reduction stats , yung matetake mo na 900 ay ma rereduce ng 10% , meaning 810 na lang ung matetake mo.

Always remember to prioritize Damage reduction stat over armor stat kase yung final damage na marerecieve mo yung naaapektuhan ng damage reduction while initial damage naman yung nababawasan ng armor/defense.

Where to get this stats?
Commonly , youll get this on Level 45 gold cards , RGN din sya so you need to hunt for it. Sa level 65 gold cards , natural stat nya yon , i forgot the name of the card so kung alam mo , please comment na lang

• Reflect damage stats - eto yung stats na nag rereflect ng percentage of damage taken mo which is deadly for DPS kase kakainin nila yung damage nila. Self explanatory na to kaya di ko na ieelaborate.

You'll get this stats on cards and equips. Syempre RGN na naman so goodluck
May gold cards na natural stats nya yung reflect damage ( again hindi ko kabisado so please mention an example of it na lang if alam mo )

• Additional Healing Receive stats - this stats affects the healing you receive from skill effects and passives. Useful to sa paladin since you will be the one doing the tanking. Hindi lang yung healing receive ang naaapektuhan neto like yung heal ng priests/rangers , it also affects the heals you receive from your own skill like Protection of light. And since it is on percentage , sa end effect ng skill sya nag tetake effect.

So whats the essence of the mentioned stats?

Simple lang , you are Tanky as hell since you got a LOT of HP and ARMOR and na aamplify pa yun because of the effect ng Rage burst skill and Damage reduction stats.

And kahit wala kang damage , you got the reflect damage stats , which will kill those who are hitting you while you take damage less. And if they manage to wither down your HP , maaamplify ng additional healing receive yung skill mo na Light Protection and you will just regen yourself to almost full HP again.


You are a walking regenerating taunting wall that can soak unlimited damage while also dealing decent amount of damage thru your skills ( STR base ) and reflect damage stats.

Paladin dont need damage
You can just stand up and let your enemies kill themselves.


Hindi ako Paladin main so feel free to correct me if im wrong.

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