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May 22, 2019
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Hello! It's LeafRider again from ArmasPH, S4 bringing you yet another theory Crafted Build for Priest which I like to call the Pure Warden. I wrote this build because I've seen party compositions taking out Priests during Z9 and Z10 Runs. Haha pls don't take us out we can dps also with an added benefit (please read till end)

So anyway, this is a DPS heavy build focusing on Cleric Skils to do DPS with 1 heal for utility.

Here is my recommended skill build:

  • 10 Power of Nature + 5 Thorn
  • 10 Praise of Blossom + 5 Smite
  • 10 Fairy Sanctuary + 5 Engtaglement
  • 45 Skill Points to Cleric
  • 10 Bathe in Light
  • 10 Priest Normal Attack + 5 Enhanced Priest Normal Attack
  • 25 Skill Points to Priest
  • 10 Array Mastery: Attack
  • All Attribute Mastery: 12
  • 22 Skill Points to General Skills

Glove Skill: Attack Totem (Drop near your DPS carries)
Budget Glove Skill: Power of Anger (before every Praise of Blossom)

Total: 92sp

(Skills are in order of priority, in case you do not have enough skill points. if you lack SP you can reduce Priest Normal Attack to just 5 as your priority is enhanced Priest Normal Attack anyway for the +500% increased damage to Power of Nature's [PoN] initial strike)

So to utilize this build properly requires you to keep layers upon layers with 100% up-time of PoN on the target and to spam Praise of Blossom [PoB] at the target IF AND ONLY IF the target is poisoned, otherwise you will suffer dps loss. This build also utilizes Fairy Sanctuary [FS], thus you will need to STICK VERY CLOSE TO THE BOSS to be able to damage it with FS and if you can, try and time the use of FS when the boss deals damage (such as the room wide aoe pound of Z9 or the bat explosions of Z10) to benefit from Entangle's 25% damage reflect otherwise, use it every cool down.

The trick to Bathe In Light [BIL] is timing. So the bonus bit I mentioned earlier of bringing a priest is fixing mistakes that would otherwise wipe the party. In Zodiac 9, a well timed bathe in light when the boss raises his hands and the screen goes dark to cast his pound attack can completely nullify the damage, in Z10 if your Paladin makes a mistake in vacuuming the bats use BBL and that three second window should be enough to soak all the burst damage while your party kills the bats.

I did 2.3mi damage on Z10 which I think is pretty good for a Priest at Viscount 1.

Photo attached for reference as well as a video link in the comments for reference.

Thank you and have fun!


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