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May 22, 2019
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Made my own Priest Guide for my guild but sharing it here in the hopes that it can help someone. Ty! I am LeafRider from ArmasPH S4!

So, congratulations! You have chosen the way of support, the sacrifice of the selfless, the ez mode of getting into parties; the Priest!

The priest is your basic healer-class archetype where your job is to make sure the party stays alive and is in top fighting shape with your heals, buffs, debuffs and damage (yes! a good healer always throws in some damage).

You are a back-line fighter who is supposed to out-live the entire party in an effort to keep them alive. Here are some builds that can help you and, depending on the content you are going to do, you should consider one of them.

Build 1: Quadra-Heal Priest.

10 Nature's Prayer + 5 Passive (First Heal)
10 Song of the Forest + 5 Passive (Second Heal)
5 Power of Nature + 5 Thorn
Total 40 Cleric Skills

10 Advanced Nature's Prayer + 5 Passive
10 Bathe in Light (Third Heal)
10 Priest Normal Attack + 5 Passive (Fourth Heal)
8 Priest Zen Mastery

Total 88sp (if you do not have enough, prioritize main skills over their passive, and get at least 1 Bathe in Light, the rest to Advanced Nature's Prayer

The goal of this build is to pump out continuous healing since your heals are global and lots of damage comes in situations like the Guild War and Temple of Light. Use Song of the Forest as often as needed and save Nature's Prayer and Bathe in Light for Emergency situations. Personally, I use Nature's Prayer at the start of a fight for shielding. It usually already is on cooldown by the time I need to heal. The point of keeping Song of the Forest up is for some Heal Over Time potency and to heal up damage from normal attacks, supplemented with Priest Normal Attack and Passive you are probably looking at 10k healing per second on a semi-constant basis. Priest Zen Mastery is there because it is across the board potency. 5% increase to all healing? Yes please.

Build 2: Holy Warden

I like to call this build the Holy Warden because it is a mix of pretty good DPS from the Nature Skill Tree and really good healing from the Priest Skill Tree. It's perfect for Dungeons like Zodiac Bosses up to 9 (10 needs an entirely different build) and other Small Group content, PvP included.

10 Nature's Prayer + 5 Passive
10 Power of Nature +5 Passive
10 Praise of Blossom +5 Passive
Total 45 Skill Points to Cleric

10 Bathe In Light
10 Advanced Nature's Prayer + 5 Passive
10 Priest Normal Attack + 5 Passive
3 HP Mastery
Total 43 Skill Points to Priest
(total 88 sp, if you do not have enough, focus on healing skills!)

So what you want to do with this build is proper rotation, I've caught up to DPS of a rank lower than me while healing so it's possible to pump out that much DPS. Basically you have to chain Power of Nature (abuse every 3 seconds), Praise of Blossom (only use when target is poisoned by Power of Nature) and your Normal Attacks (when in doubt, normal attack) to make sure there is no dps down time and pop your heals when necessary with the 20% chance to heal your team with Priest Normal Attack and its passive buffs to the Power of Nature and Praise of Blossom this will make you a very competitive healer.

I have a third build but I might share it next time! I love theory-crafting so I have other skill builds for classes but healer is my main. I am currently looking for a volunteer for my Tankzerker Build so PM me if you would like to volunteer.


Class Skill References, Dungeon Guides, Zodiac Boss Guides and even a detailed guide for Temple of Light written by yours truly only at ArmasPH

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