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May 22, 2019
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Hi LaplaceM Buddies! Just like any other games, most people would probably think that LaplaceM is just another Pay2Win game and somehow I agree but not entirely. In fact there is no VIP SYSTEM that gives those rich people a higher chance to loot better items. Recharging will only give you an advance items, higher upgrades, costumes, and yes you will think negatively about these rich people and get envy with them. Don't be coz eventually, you will catch up to them.

They have the money, YES but the question is what have you got? You don't have the money? How about perseverance? Patience? Good relationship skills? Positive attitude? What else? Maybe brain to play it smart?

Here are 3 simple reminder that might be helpful to you especially if you are F2P gamer:

1. PLAY IT SMART - Don't rant if you are weak or you have low bp and don't cry chat on either. Just be active, have a GO TO buddies that you can always team up with. Be updated with every events. Always remember, luck cannot be bought. And players who have patience to hunt and enjoys the game often gets good loots because they ATTRACT POSITIVE VIBES (Law of attraction). Study every mechanics of the game/event coz top players would rather play with strategic people who can beat the game without spending too much.

2. BUILD RELATIONSHIP/FRIENDSHIP - Yes there are top players in every server. What will you do? Talk trash to them? Get envy with them? NO! Go ahead and try to talk to them. Be friend with them. Ask for help BUT be patient because not at all times they're available to help you. If they do, ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL! Learn to appreciate their help. These people bank on ATTITUDE and if you have that, they will rather tag along with you and help you with your daily runs. Instant Boost! Lastly,

3. ENJOY THE GAME - Don't play this game if you wanna be on top or if you always look at what you dont have. If you do, you will never be satisfied and you should quit this game already. Games are made to enjoy, enter another world out of your daily routines and not to upset you coz if it does, you need to reboot yourself. Spread good vibes especially in your guild/team coz positive attitude attracts good loots. Having high BP doesnt mean they're unbeatable because the class skills are balance.

So far I'm enjoying this game. Every class is important in various events or daily quests no matter what your current BP is but of course you need to work your ass off.

Next time I'll try to share some other helpful tips that you might need to know in-game for now, try Summoning guadians using the 10pcs Nets thru the help of NPC. Like what I did, I got 3 Gold Guardians now (I'm not bragging) while the top player in our server only got 2 Gold Guardians. I always keep the nets and hunt pcs of it through maps and hidden items. I always use Ancy in Guardian Island. She's my lucky charm I guess.

That's all folks. I hope this helps!


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May 12, 2019
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What is Red Soul? It is a book you need to collect to exchange for Red Cards. You will need 25 of them to be able to exchange them for 1 Red card of level 2 rarity. You can get them from Revelation Trail. See photos for the available cards that you can exchange it for. Do note that it may differ in Laplace SEA once it is applied in the future.

Credits to Sir Budek Jungco

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