LaplaceM Battle Rating Guide


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May 22, 2019
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LaplaceM Battle Rating 1-50 By BaiLianhua Guild Raven

General Tips
  • Spread the enhancement don’t focus only one equipment
  • Try to refine card to get bonus effect
  • Don’t forget to enhance guardian
  • Level up guardian skill
LV 1 - 19
  • Soulcard Use anything you get from soul dungeon
  • Equipment Save dungeon run and run only moon realm (hard)
  • Guardian Anything will do.
  • Skill focus on damage skill
LV 20-29
  • Soulcard Try running F5-F6 aiming for purple card and upgrade them to +6
  • Equipment Flower realm(nightmare) don’t worry if you didn’t get gold equip
  • Guardian Anything will do.
  • Skill focus on damage skill
LV 30-50
  • Soulcard Start finding gold card and upgrade them to +9 (don’t need to go beyond that it’ll cost you a lot) use arena point to buy talisman from market.
  • Equipment Only run Nightmare dungeon don’t forget to punch the socket and add more card.
  • Guardian If you get gold guardian good use them. If not try to find the one that give you stat that important to your role. Your guardian didn’t improve your BR much except they’re gold.
  • Skill Start redeem point at level 45 to prepare for job transfer. If you cap EXP everyday you should redeem them a couple time by now just to make sure that you have 50 point by LV