Last Succession Update Arrives in Black Desert SEA With Special Events

The long series of Succession updates have come to an end in Black Desert SEA, with the final class, the Guardian receiving her Succession update today. Adventurers can now make their Guardians stronger while also participating in various special events that are taking place to mark the end of the Succession series.

With the final Succession update, Adventurers can further level up their Guardians by learning powerful Succession skills. These skills can be unlocked at level 56 by completing a number of Black Spirit quests. Those who reach levels between 56 and 60 will also get other special rewards depending on the level they reach. Until March 18, a Mysterious Knight will appear randomly in hunting grounds, enabling Adventurers to gain Skill EXP + 300%, which will last 180 minutes. Adventurers can also get exclusive items through Challenges for every 30 minutes of gameplay (up to a maximum of 2 hours).

Following Valentine's Day, another romantic occasion White Day has arrived in Black Desert SEA. Until March 18, Adventurers can obtain Sweet Candy Bags by defeating monsters, fishing, and gathering. The Sweet Candy Bags can be exchanged for valuable items or used for special buffs.

In the meantime, Black Desert SEA is recruiting "Black Desert Creators." Adventurers who are eager to promote the game through content creation can apply to become one of the special creators. The selected creators will receive exclusive rewards for creating video content or live-streaming on Black Desert SEA.

Seoul, South Korea, March 4, 2020

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