Layla Build and Guide


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Oct 9, 2018
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Layla is simply one of the easiest Marksman to use in this game. If you recall, Layla is the first hero you are trained to use in the newbie’s guide. With Layla’s passive, you will be able to deal more damage to range target such as marksman or mages. Layla has the furthest range shooting ability compared to all marksmen out in the market right now.

However, Layla suffers from really poor Mobility as she does not have any movement skills like Moskov or Karrie. The lack of such movement skill makes her one of the prime target for opposing fighters, unless you are equipped with Flicker Spell. Layla is also inefficient in pushing or clearing lanes despite being a marksman.

- She has one of my favorite ultimates in game, medium-high base damage.
-You can use this spell to secure low life enemies, kill-steal turtles and even lords.
-Do not hesitate to use this ability first if there were few enemies caught off guard, sticking together.
-For aiming, I recommend auto-aiming (for beginners) for early games/teamfights as it is quite hard to dodge without movement speed bonus from boots ,etc. Otherwise, try out manual aiming and you might get the hang of it,
-The passive on the ultimate grants Layla the LONGEST auto attack range in game.
-Range increases as Layla levels up the ultimate, Destruction Rush.
-You can HIT TURRET OUTSIDE IT’S RANGE once you are level 12 with Level 3(MAXED) Ultimate.
-IMPORTANT: When you are outside the turret range, your auto attack damage on the turret decreases. If there is minions around, WALK INSIDE THE TURRET RANGE to deal more damage to the turret.
-For emblems, use any physical attack emblem you have the highest.
-Good in early game for farming jungle whenever you cleared the enemy minions.

Layla is fairly strong as a early game due to her abilities, and scales extremely well to the late game as well. Don’t be afraid to join teamfights or help your teammates. If you’re in doubt, farm up! Layla doesn’t have any mobility abilities but she can be quite safe when played properly!

Layla’s range is long among the other heroes, make use of it! Stay safe, attack and position yourself. Do not stay too front, always stay behind your teammates! Feel free to adjust the items according to your playstyle! She works wonders with most of the attack items.

+ Furthest Range for a marksman
+ Damage is really high late game
+ Simple to use

– Very Poor Mobility
– Poor Lane Clearing abilities
– Squishy