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Aug 19, 2021
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this is my story...

last saturday afternoon about past 4 na yun and umuulan pa nun..i go to lbc to send a package consisting of dio parts..FM crank and digital guage to be after the initial inspection of the employee from lbc
she asked me"may mababasag po ba?"
then i replied "oo meron kasi may bakal sa ilalim"..
after that the male employee of lbc sealed my package and noted the package with fragile tag (that's what the female employee told me)..sana nga meron...

so anyways i left my package to them and i'm about to go home na kasi umuulan..before that i texted the tracking number to my buyer and told him it will arrive tomorrow.. buyer texted me it was sunday so the lbc might not come and it was raining really hard..i told him maybe your right..
an hour later he texted me saying the package has arrived and felt relieved coz he got his items...not knowing how the condition of the item..
the moment he opened the package he texted me and says
"tol may damage yung lcd ng guage"
then i was surprised then i sms him back
"baka yung plastic lang yun tol (covering of the lcd)
"he texted back "hindi tol basag talaga"..
i was stunned..natulala ako kasi diko alam pano gagwin ko dun samantalang maayos pa yung guage nung pindala ko..
so i told him it was a case of i assured him i will get to it asap..

monday afternoon..i go to lbc and asked them whats the deal behind my package arriving to my customer with damage..the girl answered me
"sir di ba tinignan pa yun dito"
"oo diba nga tinanong mo pa ko lung may mababasag, meron kako at may bakal sa ilalim yun" i replied to her..
the girl added "diba dati na kayo nagpapdala dito sir"
"oo dati na" i answered back..
"sir wait lang po natin si kuya at siya po yung nakakaalam what gagawin"
the kuya shes refferring is the one who sealed my package in front of me..
"mga what time kaya dadating?" ang sabi ko..
the girls says "mga 5 po sir"
"sige balik na lang ako mamaya"
may pahabol pa yung isang girl na dun din work sa lbc "sir once po kasi na na-clear na dito yung package yung next handler na po may sagot dun"
then i replied "yun nga eh baka kako na mishandled yung package ko"
then i leave na..hoping i can claim the damages..
btw i declared the amount of my items sa receipt..

ang tanung ko:
sino ba ang dapat managot?can i still claim for the damages they caused to the item?

according to terms and condition # 1 sa receipt..

LBC's liability for loss or damage shall be as follows:
-For shipments with NO DECLARED VALUE, liability of LBC shall be limited to the refund of freight charged.
-For shipments with DECLARED VALUE, liability of LBC shall be limited to the value declared in the official LBC receipt.

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