League of Legends Dead? Project Mugen, Roblox Lawsuit, Nikke Dakimakura Pillows, Cyberpunk 2.0, Eggy Party and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers discuss about if League of Legends is Dead? Nikke Dakimakura Pillows, Project Mugen, Roblox Lawsuit, Cyberpunk 2.0 Update, Diablo 4 Season of Blood, Eggy Party with our Special Guest Blairsedjopjop.


League of Legend Dead
I always see this from the Mobile Legends group and players, Is League of Legends Dead? First, what does it mean for a game to be dead? The current logic is that me and my friends are not playing so its dead? Why are we talking about it? Well apparently Dotesports shared an article asking the same questions, is League dead or dying? So based on their conclusion League of Legends is absolutely not dying, alright that's it thanks for joining the podcast! Goodbye, everyone! Jokes aside hes is why, the playerbase continues to get bigger and bigger year-on-year. Although some fans walk away they apparently get hundreds of thousands more joining the game to take their place. Let's back this up with data, According to Dotesports more than 200 million players login to play league either casual or rank. This is according to data released by Riot at the start of the season. If we compare it from 2022 there is 10% uplift, because last 2022 there were 180million who logged in to play. Don't believe Riot Games? Based on ActivePlayer.io website in the past 30 days there at least 150million players active. So what do you think is League of Legends dead?

Cyberpunk 2.0 Update
Who in here has played or planning to play Cyberpunk? Well it seems like it's a good time to play the game because its getting a 2.0 update. Apparently, it's so big it changes the game mechanics. As someone who played the game it feels like I'm going to play again from the start. Here are some of the updates: A dangerous new district, Dozens of new story quests and gigs, Vehicle combat and mounted weaponry, Revamped police system, Combat AI overhaul, Endless dynamic events and missions, Redesigned cyberware and perks, Increased level cap, 100+ new items - Weapons, cyberware, and fashion. The good thing is you do not need to buy the DLC all the updates are coming to the base game! So if you are interested the updates and DLC on Sept 26

Diablo 4 Season of Blood
If you are still playing Diablo 4, the new Season called Season of Blood will start on October 17. This will be the second season of the game if you are still playing that is. So far here the information they have shared, apparently there will 5 endgame bossesm. A better target farming for unique and uber-unique. Gems will have more efficient management. The renown rewards will finally carry over as long as your character have completed it. There is more but I think this is the most important part. To those watching what do you think of this update is this good or bad?

Speaking of lawsuits and cases apparently, Roblox is facing a class-action lawsuit. Basically, two parents claim that Roblox is illegally facilitating child gambling. The lawsuit points to third-party gambling sites that invite users to play blackjack, slots, roulette and other games of chance using Roblox’s in-game currency. So no gambling directly on Roblox but parents claim that their children have lost thousands of Robux gambling on those sites without their knowledge.

Eggy Party
If you like Fall Guys but want to play it on mobile there is an alternative from Netease. Yes apparently made an inspired game called Eggy Party and its coming out for mobile and if you are familiar with the Fall Guys character design just imagine that but make them shaped as eggs. Did you guys play Fall Guys? If you like this type of games Eggy Party will be available for SEA players on September 8th. If you want rewards you can now pre-register via app store or google play.

Project Mugen
Speaking of Netease it seems like they have another inspired game, currently its called Projet Mugen. Inspired because basically, it looks a like game Mihoyo will make, similar to Honkai, Star Rail or Genshin Impact. Here is what Project Mugen is about, it will be an urban open-world RPG that will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, Android, and the cloud an open-world setting with fast-paced traversal like parkour or wall climbing. Team-based combat with 4 characters in the party. Anime art style set in a modern urban environment, It's unknown how the gameplay will be turn-based or action, We also don't know if there will be gacha mechanics. Currently, there is no release date however pre-registration is available on their website

Nikke Dakimakura Pillow
Before we go to our main topics just a reminder The Goddess of Victory: Nikke Daki makura Pillow Covers Revealed. 5 different pillow covers to choose from namely Rapi, Soda, Isabel, Modernia, and Dorothy. The pillow covers measure 50cm in width and 160cm in height or around 5ft. According to Famitsu the pillow covers will be released in mid-November 2023 and will cost 10,000 yen or around 3.8k php.

Jopjop Interview
Tell us about yourself. Hobbies etc. What games do you play right now? What's your favorite and why? It seems like you do gameplay videos on YouTube, Tell us more about it. What made you go into this route where you were inspired by another creator? If yes who? What type of games do you play? I saw one of your videos, so when will be the next upload seems like someone pressuring you to upload next. Finally, you mentioned your a producer? A video game producer? Where can we find your socials etc?

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