League of Legends Global Esports to Host Mid-season Streamathon, Raise Funds for Covid-19 Relief

Fans, Leagues, Special Guests, and Players Unite Online to Celebrate, League of Legends in a Weekend-Long International Extravaganza

Riot Games today announced the Mid-Season Streamathon, a global marathon live stream designed to celebrate the League of Legends community and raise funds for COVID-19 relief. This multi-day, continuous broadcast will feature a variety of content from regions around the world, including competition between leagues, exhibition matches, and much more.

Players, fans, and special guests will digitally gather in support of COVID-19 relief efforts across the globe. The Mid-Season Streamathon will run from May 27 through May 31 and will be supported by League of Legends esports partners like Mastercard, Red Bull, and Secretlab.

The broadcast will feature over 48 hours of non-stop scheduled programming from around the world, including a continental battle of teams in Europe, an influencer battle between Yoda and Kami in Brazil, as well as the Mid-Season Showdown featuring Talon Esports and Machi Esports representing the PCS in Southeast Asia, and Team Flash and EVOS Esports representing the VCS in Vietnam. The Mid-Season Showdown will have the victors sweeping bragging rights for Spring, and will give fans a glimpse at the formidable strength between the two regions ahead of the 2020 World Championship.

As part of the Mid-Season Streamathon, fans will be able to donate to support a global network of nonprofit organizations that are addressing COVID relief efforts. Fan donations will be distributed by the Riot Games Social Impact Fund to organizations such as the ImpactAssets COVID Response Fund and the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund, who will provide aid to medical workers and front-line health care professionals, and support COVID-19 awareness and prevention efforts. Riot Games has donated $4.5 million (USD) globally for COVID-19 relief efforts to date, including support to medical workers and front line health care professionals.

Fans will be able to catch the PCS versus VCS Mid-Season Showdown from May 27, 4PM GMT +8 on Twitch: twitch.tv/lolpacific (EN), twitch.tv/lolpacificTW (TW), twitch.tv/lolpacificTH (TH), YouTube: youtube.com/lolpacific (EN, TW, TH), and VETV7 Esports (VN). A VOD of the event as part of the Mid-Season Streamathon will be aired on watch.lolesports.com on May 31, 10pm GMT +8.

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