League of Legends Mobile, Mobile Legends Map Hack Penalties, Crossfire drama series and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the League of Legends Mobile that is being developed by Tencent and Riot Games, Mobile Legends Map Hack Penalties, Call of Duty Mobile battle royale mode, Huawei ban effect on gaming, Crossfire online drama series, Dawn of Isles global release date, and Vagary MOBA.

League of Legends Mobile
  • According to a recent report by Reuters
  • Riot games is working with Tencent to bring league of legends on mobile
  • according to one of the anonymous sources the mobile version may have already been in development for more than a year
  • so don't expect it to be released this year
  • maybe next year? lets hope so
  • according to Reuters this move is to expand the user base in Asia where mobile games are very popular
  • basically shots fired on Mobile Legends
  • To those who don't know Riot rejected Tencent proposal years ago to develop the mobile version of league of legends
  • so instead Tencent created the game Honor of Kings or the game we all know as Arena of Valor
  • which created tensions with Tencent and Riot Games
  • however according to the article “Arena of Valor” was considered a flop, no wonder servers are merging
  • So in short if LoL Mobile is true then this basically means RIP Arena of Valor
  • as for Mobile Legends
  • it will have a very tough contender
  • also if you don't know Tencent owns 100% of Riot games, they also own more than 80% of supercell the makers of clash of clans
  • Then they also own 40% of epic games who made fortnite
  • and owns stakes on games like pubg, call of duty and many many more
  • so no choice china numbawan
  • at least will be getting League of Legends for mobile
  • with this announcement we won't be surprised if valve announce Dota for mobile

Mobile Legends Map Hack Penalties

  • Recently map hack for mobile legends have increased again
  • so the devs posted a reminder that there will be penalties for the violating users
  • so here is their reminder:
  • Do not trust any 3rd party plugins as they have a zero tolerance policy
  • also they talked about that using this plugins may lead to game accounts being stolen
  • so nag hack ka na nawala pa account mo
  • So why is map hack not allowed?
  • according to mobile legends this displays the full enemy positions which gives an unfair advantage
  • actually the even mentioned that even if you don't use the mod
  • as long as its installed you will still get banned regardless
  • so even if you are paying user you will be punished regardless
  • they also want to remind users that this mods have malicious codes that could access your personal accounts like the messages, passwords and your photos
  • Besides users using the mods according to their post they will also punish people who distributes the hacks

Huawei Google Ban
  • recently the us government banned the use of any Huawei products
  • this includes modems and mobile phones
  • this because of the claims the Huawei has been using their devices to spy on the users
  • So what does this mean for gamers?
  • well recently in compliance with the government, Google has blocked huawei from getting future android updates on their future devices
  • meaning is that they will lose access to the google apps like youtube, maps, chrome and even the google play store
  • so without the playstore apps likes games will have to be downloaded or updated externally
  • if you have or planning to buy huawei devices you might consider other options

Crossfire Online Series

  • In another gaming related news, a chinese online series for Crossfire has started filming
  • and as usual its back by Tencent
  • so if you are still interested on crossfire this is something to look forward
  • however it will be on chinese and we have no idea when is the release date
  • maybe they will also include the bugs in the series

Vagary MOBA

  • Another Moba game called Vagary is getting ready for launch
  • and currently the soft launch is available in the Philippines
  • during this event users will get 3000 golds and 100 hero shards
  • technical testers will also receive an exclusive avatar box
  • also the account wont reset except for the ranking data
  • so yeah nothing much to say buts just another moba

Dawn of Isles global launch

  • Recently Netease started the pre registration for Dawn of Isles but recently the global release dates have been announced
  • The game Dawn of Isles is set to release on May 30 for iOS and Juny 4 on Android
  • to those who dont know the game is a mobile RPG with resource gathering for crafting
  • you can also collect pets which you can evolve
  • The battle system revolves around using the elements to create combos similar to guild wars 2
  • Dawn of Isles also features stunning world and graphics that looks like legends of zelda

Call of Duty Mobile BR
  • Activision has recently announced that Call of Duty Mobile will have a battle royale mode
  • according to activision it will be a unique take on the genre
  • and will be very different to the black ops 4 blackout on PC
  • also according to the reports the call of duty mobiles battle royale mode will have up to 100 people that will take place on previous cod game maps
  • There will also be six classes namely Defender, Mechanic, Scout, Clown, Medic, and Ninja
  • all with different skills
  • the mode will also have a solo, duo and 4 person squad
  • and just like apex legends is that there will be a teammate revival