League of Legends - New build: Try Ardent Censer on Diana

After the rework of Diana, a lot of people are looking for new ways to take advantage of her new kit. A few pro players, notably the last world champion mid laner, Doinb, has tried something new and out of the blue. Ardent Censer on Diana.

But why build ardent censer on Diana?

Because of her rework. the new Diana can no longer focus on building only AP items because of the nerfs that were introduced in her base damage and cooldown of her abilities. The mana regen that she gets from her passive was also removed, so more than ever, Diana is now reliant on building CDR to dish out damage as often as possible. Ardent Censer is VERY gold efficient, for only 2300g you get:
  • 60 AP, 10% CDR, +50% base mana regen, +10% heal & shield power, +8% movement speed. Whenever you heal or shield an ally you get bonus attack speed and on-hit damage.

  • Diana can activate ardent censer passive with her W because of this change UNDOCUMENTED: Ardent Censer now also triggers from casting shields on yourself. (Source: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Ardent_Censer)
    So she can reap ALL the benefits from this item that is originally meant for supports.
Here is a video of Doinb using the said build

This cheap item allows Diana to have an early powerspike because all of the stats given by the Ardent Censer is extremely useful to her. Another thing that helps Diana in lane is the new Conqueror keystone. The new Diana thrives in extended battles and Ardent Censer compliments this play style and so does Conqueror.

Make sure to try out this build next time you play League of Legends!