League of Legends New Champion: The Masked Assassin is Yone

Riot's surprise box is not yet fully revealed. Based from their dev blog video last January 2020, after the release of the reworked Volibear, we're now approaching the stage of the two new champions they were creating. And last month, an official champion roadmap with teaser photos were released.

The roles were clear. A new assassin will be released after the new jungler. Lilia was already revealed as the new jungler champion. So, who exactly is this masked assassin that we've been seeing and hearing lately?

We've all been hearing rumors right after Yasuo was released as a champion - his brother. It was nothing short of a vague idea for everyone until the game Legends of Runeterra fully revealed Yone. He resembled Yasuo in so many ways. The main difference is the number of swords.

Riot builds up the hype by leaving a few easter eggs for us to find. In the death animation of Yasuo's Nightbringer skin, he leaves a red sword on the ground. It is similar from the dev blog video, showing a glowing red sword at the bottom part of the tree.

But, you've all been waiting for the real leaks. An image from reddit user named ka2ka2 created a new hype as it confirmed the name Yone. Lilia's lore and power created a theory about Yone's revival.

Based on Necrit's theory, Lilia, being born from the energy of Mother Tree, possess the same power to collect dreams. Lilia might've caught Yasuo's dream and caused Yone's revival. The introduction of the masked assassin from the champion roadmap clearly indicates a revival.

As the Spirit Blossom skins were announced, data miners saw and heard his name even more.

Here, we can hear an interaction voice of Spirit Blossom Tresh with Yone. But, it didn't end there. The final piece that confirmed his identity is his very own leaked skin, Spirit Blossom Yone.

It came from JumaraloHexCore's tweet. We can clearly see from the background a fight between Yasuo and him.

Riot clearly knows what the fans want. We can already expect his own teaser trailer in the future. Can you already feel and imagine the fight between Yone and Yasuo in the summoner's rift? What do you think of this new champion? Share us with your insights.


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