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    Hello there summoners! With a lot of changes introduced in S10, the dynamics of the game, especially in the jungle is now different! Getting dragons is now a priority because of how strong the buffs are, especially the elder dragon buff. So more than ever, clearing speed in camps is now needed and ganking potential especially in the bottom lane is needed. And this is where Olaf shines the most.


    Why play Olaf?

    Olaf has one of the fastest clear speed in the game via his Q, undertow.


    This skill will also serve as your main ganking tool, it is easy to hit and has a pretty long range which makes it easier to land on enemies! Olaf also has a great sustain in the jungle because of his W, vicious strikes.


    This also make his clearing speed faster because of the ATK speed buff that is incorporated on this skill.

    What to build on Olaf

    The best jungle item for Olaf is the Red Smite, also known as the Skirmisher's Sabre with the warrior enhancement.


    Why build this and not cinderhulk? Tanks are pretty much useless in the meta right now in the jungle since you need a lot of damage to take down dragons faster and clear camps to gank and help the otther lanes, and the warrior enhancement helps you do this in the early game as it is a 150% gold efficient item.


    After building you jungle item, the next build should be

    Jungle Item - > Situational Boots - > Black Cleaver -> Guardian Angel or Situational Defense Item -> Situational Items

    Depending on the matchups, you should adjust your build accordingly. If the team is heavily AP focused, building Spirit Visage is best while building GA if you are far ahead of the opponents should be the best choice as you can dive enemies more easily with this item.


    This is what the pro players usually use on Olaf right now. Conqueror is really strong for Olaf because of the built-in sustain in the keystone has great synergy with his kit.


    If you are confident in your ganks and want to pressure the enemy lanes in the early stages of the game, this set of runes might suit you:


    Also some tips in the jungle:

    Always try to get the Toad since it has the biggest XP gain in the jungle right now.

    Always clear the raptors camp because it spawns faster right now.

    Always try to counter-jungle the enemy since the overall XP in the jungle right now is reduced.

    Always try to get the dragon early on, remember, the first two dragons have reduced XP so you can solo this dragons with your sustain and smite available

    Have fun playing Olaf on the summoners rift!

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