League of Legends Patch 10.5 Overview

Things heated up a bit when they released Patch 10.4, there are those who saw rise to new strats in the game. But now League is trying to tone them down again to avoid the people from raging on the new strong champions looking to become the next OP. But before we delve in to things and shout "muh OP plz nerf" again, let's see which things are changed in the latest patch, 10.5!

The Buffed Ones

Bring in the power! While the other characters are being re-adjusted on where their strength will be based upon, some will see new champions in the game be played again or return of the champions that were once meta before. Let's take a look at those who are given the greenlight!

Alistar, you mess with the bull and you'll get the horns! Alistar is a little bit tankier than before and his passive will immediately take effect after you use up the stacks, but the obtaining of stacks will still have a 3 second cooldown, so time it well!

Graves, while not having his cigar, will still see more play in the league. His Q will receive a flat mana consumption of 60 mana and a quicker cooldown. Add to the fact that he will become more resistant to magic in this patch, he can get toe-to-toe with mages a little bit sturdier than before.

With the power of the void, you might as well get its staff, because Kaisa will become much more AP-oriented with skill sniper play style altogether with this patch. She will get less AP ratio on her Q but with the evolution, she will get more missiles. If you think it's a nerf, hell no! Kaisa will have bigger cooldown reduction on her W if you hit an enemy champion by 70% once you upgrade it, plus the fact that the lost AP ratio in the Q will be transfered with the W. Ready your aiming skills as it's time to hunt them down in range!

Consistency is Kayn's game for this patch. His orb obtainment in his passive will be keep increasing every second after the 5 minute mark has passed, with the rate maxing out at Level 13. This makes him get orbs quicker than before. His slow on his W will be a bit higher than before, so you can duke some damage before it can run.

The cold never bothered Lissandra even if Riot is giving him the cold shoulder before. This patch, it's different, she will get a 0.1 more AP on her Q. It ain't much but it's a buff for her.

Neeko with the sleeko speed and shield. Her attack speed growth and ratio are increased which if coupled with attack speed items, will make her hit quicker than before! Top that with an additional AP with her E and a stronger shield in her ultimate, expect this sneaky gal be played more than before.

ADs hit harder as the game progresses and as such Sivir will also follow that with a higher damage at the latter parts of her Q and quicker movement speed in her ultimate than a flat 20% MS.

Sona will have a different crescendo to avoid having her in the wrong lane. Her attack damage and the attack damage growth was buffed and her movement speed with her E has been buffed for her in a flat 20% than a scaling 10+%

Shot by a Nerf

As long as there are buffs, there will be nerfs, the balance will always be like this unless stated otherwise. Let's see who went to the chopping block this patch.

Amumu cries as his ultimate gets a longer cooldown in the first and second levels. Guess you need to time it well now. Poor mummy!

The evening bells chime less for Bard as his additional damage gets reduced in every 5 chimes he has. From 15 to 12, specifically. Guess he needs to go adventuring further for more power.

Rust appears from Blitzcrank with his armor being reduced by 3.

Ornn's duller tools bring poorer quality. He has less brittle damage from on his target's maxed damage by a little bit. With his masterwork item auto-upgraded later, ofcourse the masterwork items of his allies will also be a level later. But hey, still can forge on the go.

Rammus' "ok"s from the background with his lowered attack speed ratio.

Sett may be the boss but Riot plans to end his career. Weakening his armor, health regen and its rate making him a little bit "balanced" for those who are constantly complaining about his power levels, especially in ranked. His ultimate is also hit with a decreased slow duration.

Out of Cast Spell Changes

Miss Fortune, Syndra and Varus mains, plan out your skills from now on as they will have a different mechanic on how they work. On MF's E, Syndra's Q and Varus' E will be cast at max range rather than the champion moving to cast that spell at that place.

In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle...

Some champions are getting more buffs in terms of being in the jungle. This will make them more viable in that role rather than sticking with their normal lanes. Darius will have a stronger hemorrhage effect against monsters. Mordekaiser will have a buff when Darkness Rise hits monsters. Then, Poppy will have a stronger hammer shock.

Watta Top Lane

Top Lane has lost its shimmer in the latest patches and it seems like the glimmer will return with some things enticing top lane players to get their objectives done than blame the jungler for not visiting them to gank the enemy.

Turret Plating will have a huge difference that will make the top laners be interested. Grouping against a tower will be harder with a buffed Bulwark Resistance but will be evened out by lesser armor in the outer turret. Breaking turret plating will grant more gold now and melee champions will deal more damage than ranged champions.

These changes might be key in removing ranged champions that causes problems for the tanky top laners because hard hitting and weird top lane picks are usually ranged that deal damage which punishes the top laner with their range. Maybe Sona and Vayne will be impeded with this.

Item Checkup

Some items are being given a new hope and others are given a quick inspection to avoid being exploited, let's see what they contain.

Blade of the Ruined King and its Masterworked version, Might of the Ruined King will have a powerup that will be picked up by those who wish to break down juggernauts and tanks with its passive bringing more pain to the melee champions than the ranged ones

Hail Hydra.....s. Ravenous Hydra will get bigger radius, distance and lifesteal while Titanic Hydra increases damage when you deal it with high HP opponents, making it stronger to kill them off with it.

You cannot use support items effectively while being in alone in a lane, sadly. Tribute only works now when you have a nearby ally so Spellthief's Edge and Spectral Sickle will be solely used by supports for efficiency.

As for the boots, Boots of Mobility will cost a hundred more and a Boots of Swiftness will make you have 5 more movement speed, pretty neat!

As for ARAM

For those who are maining ARAM than Summoner's Rift, here are some changes that might interest you. Akali will get a "less damage taken" buff after being obliterated with nerfs in SR, yeah, poor ninja, appreciated in the wrong places. Alistar will be messed up more with damage taken. Finally, Goo and Cat buds, Zac and Yuumu will deal less damage dealt.

Ending Notes

The controversial Eternals will appear in this patch. These are stat-trackers that of course, tracks your statistics on each champion, it can be as basic as how many champions you've killed, skills you've hit and some unique ones. While others are looking at Riot with angry eyes due to it being monetized, some don't mind it, what are your thoughts?

As for the Skins, the Blackfrost skin makes its entrance with Blackfrost Renekton, Alistar and Rek'sai, in addition to that we also will get Hextech Sejuani.

What are your thoughts in this patch? Are you looking for another Sett nerf just like they pummeled Akali?. Or are you hoping for a better top lane performance? Whether you are hoping for a Lux skin or thinking about non ARURF again. Tell us your thoughts below!