League of Legends - Teamfight Tactics will come to mobile phones before May, 2020!

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    Good news for Teamfight Tactics lovers! The Auto-Chess version of League of Legends is coming into mobile phones early next year!


    A member of the Riot's design team, Stephen “MortDog” Mortimer, said in his stream that the Mobile Version of the game will surely be released on the first half of 2020!


    Not much of information other than the released date has been given. But leaks suggest that the game will run on iOS and android and will also feature a cross platform feature against PC players!

    While other games have a hard time transferring to a mobile port, the easy controls and nature of Teamfight Tactics is a sure fit for mobile phones, so PC players will have no advantage over those who play in their mobile phones!


    Stay tuned here in PinoyGamer to know more about the TFT Mobile!
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    yup, it will, im also waiting for it, if we talk about tft - there is great infographic about this mode with some tips ^^,


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