League of Legends Tweaks Increase FPS, Client Speed, etc


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Sep 21, 2014
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A high performance patch for League of Legends (Increases FPS + responsiveness in the Pvp.NET client)

LoLUpdater requires the VCRedist 2013
Close all LoL-processes before starting the executable.
Place the file in your LoL directory and run it, wait for exit.

League of Legends is really laggy lately, they are using old libraries and that makes our gameplay experience really slow.

Some guys (Loggan08 and Saiph) have created a project called "LoL Updater" and it replaces some league of legends files with newer versions so it makes responsive PVP client,more FPS ingame without affecting graphics and makes ingame shop opens instantly (without freezing).

Keep in mind that these guys are doing this thing for free and they keep updating it. The programm is really easy to use so I dont think you will have problems with it. Just go to binary and press the LoLUpdater.exe. The files are 100% safe, you dont have to worry about it.

Keep in mind that you have to update your files after every league of legends update.

Download LoLUpdater Alpha 1, Build 10, 64bit link
Download LoLUpdater Alpha 1, Build 10, 32bit link
Download LoLUpdaterXP Alpha 1, Build 10, 64bit link
Download LoLUpdaterXP Alpha 1, Build 10, 32bit link

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For a fresh reinstall please uninstall Nvidia CG toolkit and Adobe AIR, it will be reinstalled (and updated if it can) when patching again.

Credits: Loggan08, Saiph
Source: elitepvpers