League of Legends: Wild Rift Data Miners leaks potential upcoming pet system

Data miners have discovered that League of Legends: Wild Rift may soon introduce a new pet system. Various charming followers that will accompany the champions as they wander around the Summoners Rift have been revealed by these leaks. These followers have aesthetics that mimic the Little Legends from Riot Games' distinct auto battler game mode, Teamfight Tactics. Leaks indicate that the Wild Rift pet system will also include a variety of cosmetics for fans.


The data leak originated from a Chinese server early access preview, thus, the Wild Rift pet system's official release date has not yet been announced by Riot Games. However, data miner ChowZ_Channel posted a video on YouTube that revealed a new functional element that could soon be included to the game in upcoming updates. With the help of Wild Rift's new pet system, players can now have a decorative companion that will stick by them as they move about the game's world.

Pet System Video Leak​

Pengu and Choncc, two of the most recognizable Little Legends in the game Teamfight Tactics (TFT), are among the adorable and cuddly figures that appear on these followers. Once the feature is finished and made available in Wild Rift, additional pets might be added to the pool.


When the champion they are following dies in the game, these pets will likewise vanish. As a result, teamfights are not cluttered, which could distract the participants. It is unknown, however, whether having a lot of moving characters and pets during a teamfight may impair a player's focus given how chaotic team fights can occasionally be.


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