League of Legends: Wild Rift Introduces PROJECT Skin Line

Originally from League of Legends, the highly anticipated PROJECT Skins is live and has finally arrived in Wild Rift.


Featuring a cyberpunk theme with enthralling holographic visual effects, the PROJECT Skins, one of the most popular skin line from League of Legends PC, has made its way in to League of Legends: Wild Rift. It will be available for five champions: Ashe, Yasuo, Vi, Zed, and Leona as announced by the mobile game's official twitter account. With Leona just recently arriving in Wild Rift, it is not surprising that the skin line is making its way to the mobile game. A bundle containing all five skins will also be available for purchase, along with their respective champions and accessories, for a lower price. Here is a quick look at Wild Rift's first batch of PROJECT Skins with their corresponding prices and tiers.


Wild Rift PROJECT Skins​


PROJECT Ashe (Legendary Tier) - 1,325 Wild Cores (Php 499.00)​


PROJECT Yasuo (Epic Tier) - 990 Wild Cores (Php 398.00)​


PROJECT Vi (Epic Tier) - 990 Wild Cores (Php 398.00)​


PROJECT Zed (Epic Tier) - 990 Wild Cores (Php 398.00)​


PROJECT Leone (Epic Tier) - 990 Wild Cores (Php 398.00)​


The PROJECT Mega Bundle will also be available for purchase at the shop for 6,788 Wild Cores (around Php 2,490.00). The new bundle will be featuring all five PROJECT skins together with their respective champions and accessories for, of course, a lower price. This gives players the chance to simultaneously unlock all five champions and their PROJECT skins for a discounted price.

Players who already have their hands on the new PROJECT skins can use them to accomplish the Path of Ascension event where players can claim new champions and other rewards as well. The event will only be available until March 29, so you better complete them now.

The PROJECT skin line first started as a simple concept for Yasuo. But the love and popularity it received has resulted to several other champions donning the same skin. Plenty of additions are coming to Wild Rift over the upcoming months, and with the release of its first batch, we can expect more PROJECT skins and champions to make their way to the game in the future.

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