League of Legends: Wild Rift Invites iOS Users For Their Next Test!

After months of silence and cloudy rumors, we finally got some Wild Rift news! Brazil and the Philippines enjoyed the Regional Android Alpha test that lasted until June. This time, Riot wants the iOS users to test their game out. Is this the final preparation before its official release?

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It's almost three months ago since Wild Rift's android test concluded and the noise it created died down until now. All of Wild Rift's official social media accounts posted an announcement three days ago inviting iOS users who would like to try their game as part of their next, maybe final, test.

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Remember Wild Rift's official site where Android users pre-registered before the Regional Android Alpha Test? Unlike Google Playstore, the App Store doesn't have the feature of a direct pre-registration button as of right now. So, you'll need to directly go to their site and fill up the information needed before you become an eligible tester.

With that being said, here's the link: https://wildrift.leagueoflegends.com/

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Oh, have you read that small message at the image above? No? Well, here's what it says. There's no official date for the start of the iOS test BUT they said something else. "The plan is to have the mobile version fully live in most regions by the end of 2020" This sends a clear signal that we might finally see Wild Rift on all mobile platforms before the year ends.

There's no official date to. I don't know about you, but it's enough to put me in hype once again! I wasn't lucky when the Regional Android test and I'm itching to play the game already.

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For iOS users, here's the tentative mobile spec in order to play Wild Rift. It seems that the iPhone 6 is the oldest model in the iOS family that Wild Rift's optimization reached. So make sure that you have an exact or higher device if you're hoping to be part of the testing wave.

Since we're already talking about Wild Rift's sudden update, let me give you a little more! Jonathan Chao, Wild Rift's gameplay and balance producer, stated that Wild Rift won't be adopting the incoming item changes and overhaul in League of Legends PC (maybe for now). The changes he's talking about may even the Mythic items update intended to boost the role of marksmen.

Riot's planning something big and Wild Rift might just be around the corner. So, what are you waiting for? Pre-register now!
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