League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.3a Breakdown

League of Legends: Wild Rift has just made an update and here is the breakdown of the Patch 2.3a. There are already new skins for the game that have already been released yesterday. There’s also another one but it will be released on June 24. Below are the list of skins:


Released skins yesterday except Galaxy Slayer Zed:
  • Pool Party Fiora
  • Pool Party Lee Sin
  • Pool Party Leona
  • Pool Party Lulu
  • Pool Party Orianna
  • Pool Party Renekton
  • Galaxy Slayer Zed (June 24)


For accessories, players can either earn it or purchase it from several different sources.
  • Emotes: I’m On Duty, Mullet Over, Too Cool For Pool
  • Icons: Sun’s Out Guns Out
There will be an event called Pool Party and it already started yesterday.


"Surf's up and dive into the festivities and make a splash at the Pool Party event!"
“Grab some goggles: it’s time to make a splash!”

Some champions had their upgrade and "downgrade".

It seems that she charms her foes into their demise easily so she made her a bit more vulnerable.

Base Stats
  • Base Armor: 35 → 30
Her execution damage was adjusted because she steals objectives much more that instead of hunting champions, she hunts monsters.

(Ult) Last Caress
  • 250% execute damage now only applies to champions
Her Zephyr was nerfed because when it's maxed in battle, her other skills are shadowed.

(2) Zephyr
  • Base Damage: 65/125/185/245 → 55/105/155/205
Her win rate appears to have reached its highest that Riot thinks its not healthy anymore. She was given a general power down.

(P) Voracity
  • AP Ratio: 0.58 - 1.0 based on level → 0.48 - 0.9 based on level
(Ult) Death Lotus
  • Now sets Katarina’s base movement speed to 125 when spinning instead of being treated as a slow that could be reduced by slow resistance
She was given a minor buff so that her Radiant Dawn reaches its full potential.

(3) Zenith Blade
  • Range: 7.5 → 8
He struggles to maintain his presence outside the jungle so his Crushing Blow was adjusted a little.

(1) Crushing Blow
  • Healing when hitting minions: 50% → 80%
Xin Zhao
He hasn’t been performing at his best since his rework for PC so his Seneschal of demacia was buffed so that he can perform just like before his rework.

Base Stats
  • Magic Resist: 30 → 38
  • Health Gained per Level-Up: 105 → 115
  • Health at Level 15: 2120 → 2260
Bami’s Cinder

Its damage was nerfed for the non-champions since it's already too hot to handle for the tank junglers and tanky lane.
  • Minion and monster damage modification: 50% → 25%
Sunfire Aegis
  • Minion and monster damage modification: 50% → 25%
Winter’s Approach
The rate it stacks mana has increased.

Mana Charge
  • Mana granted: 8 → 12


Its range was increased so that it can be more of help for long-ranged champions.
  • Cast Range: 5.5 → 6
The mana regen was increased to help level the playing field between resourceless junglers and mana-hungry junglers.
  • Passive: Restores 4 mana per second while in jungle or river

Outer Tower Gold

The outer tower gold distribution was re-balanced to focus it more in local gold rather than global gold. Meaning that players will be rewarded more for outperforming their opponents rather than their teammates rewarded for their performance across the map.
  • Gold per plate: 100g → 150g
  • Global gold on destruction: 150g → 100g
Some of the camps were ignored by players since it takes too much time to clear but there’s only less benefit when done. It was adjusted so that players can spend only a bit of time clearing it.

  • Health: 2500 → 2200
  • Ancient Krug Health: 1600 → 1200
  • Krug Health: 600 → 500
The bug regarding champion points was fixed. Now, when players reach the limits for their champion points, they will neither lose or gain points after winning a game.

Jun 17 - Jun 23: Alistar, Diana, Draven, Ezreal, Irelia, Orianna, Rammus, Riven, Soraka, Xin Zhao
Jun 24 - Jun 30: Braum, Corki, Darius, Evelynn, Katarina, Kha'Zix, Leona, Malphite, Seraphine, Xayah

Above are all of the information for League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.3a.