League of Legends Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.2a: Details and Changes

Brace yourselves, Summoners! The Wild Rift welcomes you to its latest Patch 2.2a!


The upcoming Wild Rift Patch will feature a whole lot of new content. This will include the addition of one of the most iconic champion in League of Legends PC, Rammus, a new skin line, new accessories, new events, as well as some balance changes to some champions and items in the game. There will also be some game system changes to its turrets and will be testing to support 120 fps mode for high-end mobile phones.

New Champion​

Rammus, the Armordillo​


Originally from League of Legends PC, Rammus is a tank champion whose skill set includes a lot of crowd control effects. By rolling into a ball and with his spikes as protection, he can easily chase enemies, taunt them, and reflect damage dealt to him, all while increasing his armor and magic resist making him one of the most annoying and tankiest champion in the game. Rammus is set to be released on April 22, 2021 at 0:01 UTC.

New Skins​


  • Stargazer Camille
  • Stargazer Soraka
  • Stargazer’s Twisted Fate
  • Molten rammus
  • Rammus sweeper
Along with the new skins for Wild Rift's newest champion Rammus, Riot Games will also be releasing Stargazer, a new skin line which will be exclusive only to Wild Rift. The Stargazer roster will include, Camille, Twisted Fate, and Soraka and will be featuring a small in-game event to celebrate its launch. These new skins will be released throughout the patch.

New Accessories​


  • Icons: Stargazer Endeavor, Stargazer Triumph
  • Emotes: Stargazer Pengu
  • Recalls: To The Stars, Cosmic Transcendence
  • Baubles: Stargazer
Different accessories can be earned or purchased from a bunch of various sources. You can check the relevant page in game for more details about this. All accessories will also be released throughout the patch.

New Event​

A skin-themed event will be introduced to players to celebrate the launch of the "first-to-Wild Rift" Stargazer skinline. It will run until the end of April, with rewards such as Blue Motes and accessories up for claim upon completing event missions. The Stargazer skin event will be released tomorrow, April 15, 2021. Stay tuned for more information!

120FPS Support Mode​

Riot Games will be providing a new feature, 120fps support mode for high-end mobile phones. However, this setting is still currently in testing. So, if you ever experience performance issues, it is recommended that you switch back to a fully supported frame rate. The 120fps mode will be added to the following high-end devices: OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro; Google Pixel 5; ASUS ROG Phone 2; Razer Phone 2.

Champion Balance Changes​



It seems that Alistar has been dealing too much damage to game turrets by using Headbutt. The developers reduced the skill damage for turrets.

2nd Skill: Headbutt
  • Damage: 55/130/205/280 → 50/120/190/260
  • Turret damage ratio: 150% → 75%



After receiving some nerfs last year, Blitzcrank has been underperforming in the current meta. The developers are looking to revert these nerfs, and combining the new tank item updates, to help him regain his position in the Support roster.

1st skill: Rocket Grab
  • Damage: 60/120/180/240 → 80/140/200/260
2nd skill: Overdrive
  • Self-deceleration time: 1.5 s → 1 s



Corki's care package seem to arrive a bit too early, making him use Special Rockets more often. Developers will be aiming to lengthen the arrival time of his care package.

Passive: Hextech Ammo
  • The rate of arrival of the package: 100s → 150s



The developers have seen Diana players struggling to win matches because of the champion's weak attributes compared to other melee mages in the game. They will be shifting some of the rank-up power of her abilities to help her become healthy in lane and keep her up with the meta.

Basic statistics
  • Base health: 570 HP → 610 HP
Passive: Moonsilver Blade
  • [NEW] After casting a spell, Diana gains 30% to 120% attack speed (depending on level) for the next 3 attacks.
1st skill: Crescent Strike
  • Cooldown: 10/9/8 / 7s → 9/8/7 / 6s
2nd Skill: Pale Cascade
  • Cooldown: 14s → 13 / 11.5 / 10 / 8.5s
3rd Skill: Moon Rush
  • [REMOVED] Attack speed bonus moved to “Passive: Blade of Moonsilver”
Ultimate Skill: Moonfall
  • Minimum base damage: 150/200/250 + 35% AP → 175/225/275 + 40% AP
  • Maximum Base Damage: 300/400/500 + 70% AP → 350/450/550 + 80% AP

Dr. Mundo​


Dr. Mundo's power spike after purchasing Sunfire Aegis has been a little bit too overpowered. Developers will be tweaking some of his stats to give him and his enemies a time out.

Basic Statistics
  • Attack damage: 64 → 58
  • Health: 690 HP → 650 HP
  • Armor: 45 → 40
3rd Skill: Masochism
  • Duration: 5s at all ranks → 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5s



The arrival of the Colossus may have broken and shifted the entire meta. With this, developers will be looking to tone him down and shortening his Justice Punch range based on feedback that it felt a little long.

Basic Statistics
  • Health: 610 HP → 570 HP
Passive: Colossal Smash
  • Cooldown: 5/4/3s at level 1/5/9 → 5/4.5/4s at level 1/5/9
  • Base damage: 15 to 225 (based on level) → 15 to 190 (based on level)
1st Skill: Winds of War
  • Percent HP damage per AP ratio: 2% → 1.5%
2nd Skill: Shield of Durand
  • Cooldown: 15/14/13/12s → 18/17/16/15s
  • AP ratio: 60% → 45%
3rd Skill: Justice Punch
  • Dash range: 6.5 → 5.75



The radiance of Leona has been a bit dim this meta. To help her become a more effective crowd controlling support tank, her abilities' cooldown will be lowered.

1st Skill: Shield of Dawn
  • Cooldown: 6s → 5s at all ranks
3rd Skill: Zenith Blade
  • Cooldown: 12/13/11 / 10s → 12/10/8 / 6s



Pantheon players have often been off to a much slower start. Despite their mini-rework on the champion from Patch 2.2, developers will be buffing him to help him gain a bit of the upper hand in the early stages of the game.

Basic Statistics
  • Attack damage: 58 → 64
  • Attack damage per level: 2.65 per level → 3.6 per level
1st Skill: Comet Spear
  • Tap Base Damage: 55/100/145/190 → 70/110/150/190
  • Base charge damage: 55/100/145/190 → 70/110/150/190
  • Bonus AD ratio: 100% → 110%
  • Critical Strike Bonus AD Ratio: 150% → 165%



With all her tankiness and damage output, Shyvana will be receiving nerfs in her stats.

Basic Statistics
  • Health: 650 HP → 610 HP
1st Skill: Twin Bite
  • Cooldown: 8/7/6 / 5s → 9/8/7 / 6s
3rd Skill: Flame Breath
  • Maximum HP damage ratio on hit: 3.5% → 3%



Developers have seen Tristana lagging behind the other marksman roster. She will be receiving a little boost to help her keep up.

Basic Statistics
  • Attack damage per level: 2.65 per level → 3.6 per level
3rd skill: Explosive Charge
  • Cooldown: 16s at all ranks → 16/15/14 / 13s



Vi has been one of the most reliable picks in jungle in the current meta, but has displayed an excessive amount of damage output in regular play. The developers are lowering her stats for more reliable gank patterns, but at a slightly higher risk.

Basic Statistics
  • Armor: 35 → 30
Ultimate Skill: Assault and Battery
  • Cooldown: 85/65 / 45s → 95/75 / 55s

Item Balance Changes​

Infinity Orb​

The item will be receiving a price bump due to its high value. This will help delay enemies from snowballing too early.
  • Total Cost: 2850g → 3150g

Sunfire Aegis

Although it is not exactly that broken, Sunfire Aegis has been performing all too well especially with Mundo. Lowering its stats will provide tank players a different first-choice item.
  • Base damage: 16 to 30 → 16 to 25
  • Bonus damage health ratio: 1% → 0.8%

Glorious Enchant​

Item bug fixed!
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug where the item cost was 800g
  • Cost: 500g (unchanged)

Game System Changes​


Laning phase has been almost non-existent in most high-level matches and competitive play, due to early grouping and team fighting. To keep the laning phase alive in most these matches, the following systemic changes have been made by the devs:
  • During the first 4 minutes (previously 3 minutes), Solo (Baron) Lane and Mid Lane outer turrets gain 90 bonus armor and magic resist.
  • During the first 4 minutes (previously 3 minutes), all exterior turrets gain additional defensive bonuses when multiple enemies are nearby:
  • 2 champions in total: 10 armor and magic resist
  • 3 champions in total: 100 → 250 armor and magic resist
  • 4 champions in total: 200 → 300 armor and magic resist
  • 5 Champions in total: 300 → 350 armor and magic resist

Free-to-Play Champion Rotation​

  • April 15 – April 21: Braum, Evelynn, Fizz, Galio, Graves, Jax, Kai’Sa, Lulu, Singed, Varus
  • April 22 – April 28: Alistar, Aurelion Sol, Corki, Dr Mundo, Fiora, Shyvana, Soraka, Xayah, Xin Zhao, Ziggs