League of Legends Wild Rift: Position Preference Now Available in Ranked Games

Explore Wild Rift with other players as it's newest feature, Position Preference, comes to Ranked Games. It's time to get the roles that you want!


After a successful testing phase and satisfactory feedbacks from players, Riot Games has announced in a surprise introduction that Position Preference can now be fully enjoyed in every Ranked match. The addition of this feature, will help avoid role conflicts and let players set their preferred roles before a match.

Instead of adding a role selection system to Wild Rift, Riot Games ran a short test for a better alternative, the Position Preference System. It also had a separate matchmaking queue before called Position Lab. After receiving high praise from not only Wild Rift players but also League of Legends PC players, its addition to Ranked Games has been confirmed and pushed through.

With Position Preference, players will be able to choose their preferred playstyle in the lobby and the matchmaking will try to assign them one of their more favorite roles. Players can prioritize their own preference for all five roles, Solo, Jungle, Mid, Duo, and Support, to allow them take more control of how they want to play the game. Also, unlike in League of Legends PC, players can set their preference once instead of resetting it every match, unless it is necessary. As for players who don't want to pick manually, the game will be assigning them roles, based on their recent matches.

Players should also note that considering position popularity, queue size, and fair matchmaking, this feature does not guarantee that players will always end up getting their most preferred role, but it will aim to give players their top two choices in most matches.


Position Preference, however, is still a work in progress and has more room for improvement, especially when it comes to its actual matchmaking. The developers will still be gathering data, so they suggest that players play the game more if they want to see this feature stay in Wild Rift. Make sure to download the patch through a stable network connection to avoid any issues.

League of Legends Wild Rift is available for download on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.
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