League of Legends Wild Rift - Pre-registration is Open!

For 10 years, League of Legends has been in top of the most popular games in the PC. Bringing in MOBA with fun graphics and mechanics that has been in the game for so long, it's no wonder that they have stabilized their position as one of the most popular MOBA games out there in the market.

With the mobile market reinvigorating the MOBA genre by having mobile moba games such as Mobile Legends, Vainglory and others as well, Riot wants to compete in the mobile industry as well so in their 10th anniversary they have shown, Wild Rift, and it was amazing. Let's talk about that today.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile variant of the game which innovates the game a little. It has variations with the original LoL that we can see in the trailer above. With the trailer and their promises that might knock down their competitors once they enter the market, you bet a lot of people have been interested in trying out the game, then fret no more as you can pre-register in the game to make yourself have a clear advantage to those who like to play as well.

Pre-registration cuts you above the rest as it will alert you on the release on the game. If you want to experience it first, you just need to rush in to Google Play Store and search for League of Legends: Wild Rift and you can see there the "Pre-register" Button.

Once the game is available to the players, Google will be sending your phone a message saying that the game is now available for download. Pretty neat, huh? Try it here!


Some games have pre-register bonuses as well that if you participate in the pre-registration, you get the benefits that they offer along with it. Wild Rift does not seem to have any but we don't know if they plan to do something in the coming months.

Still, the popularity of the IP is enough to bring players and create competition to the market, let's see where this would take.

Competition brings out innovation to other games. While others will plan to shift to Wild Rift from their other moba games, this will bring a wake-up call to others so they can bring out the best in their games, ultimate winners are the gamers. As for me, I plan to play Wild Rift, can't wait to play my insane, addicted to the number 4, unique ADC, Jhin! HAHAHA.

How about you? Planning to play the game as well? Tell us in the comments below!