League of Legends: Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 Reward Glorious Jinx

As the League of Legends: Wild Rift Season 2 will arrive in a few days, it was revealed that the reward for this Season 2 is a new Skin for Jinx.


Similar with League Of Legends on PC, Wild Rift also has Ranked Season Skins that are only exclusive to its seasons. Meaning you can only get the certain skin on the season that it will be released and is unlikely to be released again in the next seasons.


And as what was mentioned above, the new skin reward for Season 2 is Glorious Jinx. For you to get the new skin for Jinx, you need to win ten or more Ranked matches for you to reach the Gold rank in the duration of the season 2. Champion Jinx will also be unlocked for free.

North America has already started their Ranked Season 1 last March 29th and the rest of the servers will start their Ranked Season 2 this coming April 3rd. The new reward skin is only one of the new content that will be in the patch update 2.2 of Wild Rift. Other than that, new features will also be in the upcoming patch update so check those out.