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    So im compiling all the details even rumors regarding lol mobile or League of Legends Wild Rift release date. So here we go!

    Fire news was by Riot Games that plans to bring a new that League of Legends Wild Rift Riot to mobile devices and consoles earlier in 2019, however this didn't happen or maybe it dead at least as a beta release

    Then here are this floating rumors

    According to the Beta Information

    January 22 2020 release?

    Now an email sent to EVERYONE with a Riot account to make sure your account is updated before the 22nd, not sure if this is related to LoL Mobile


    May 31, 2020 launch date?
    From lol wild rift reddit


    Update: March 18 2020

    We still need more time before we move into our next round of testing

    We're still heads down at work on Wild Rift so don't expect too many updates anytime soon. We will be back later this year with another update on our progress

    Brian Feeney confirms that there is no version of Wild Rift is available to download in the internet right now

    Riot Games designer, Brian Feeney

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  3. Halbay

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    According to Vorikx and Ben Forbes the game is not releasing January 2020


  4. Taculayan

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    Yes the game beta release is in 2020 but no actual date is confirmed. According to this post "LoL M is not coming on January"


    A pre-registration page for League of Legends Mobile went up in China

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Another information about the release date atleast for china, this is from an employee of Xinyue game which is according research they are a Tencent’s online game distribution platform.


    The info was release in Weibo, so in the red frame its indicates the release date of League of Legends Esports Manager and League of Legends: Wild Rift


    So if you google translate this photos the esports management game League of Legends will be released in July 2020 then on December 2020 a game called League of Legends: New Chien Chi will be released


    here is another translation from the vietnam social accounts

    After months of sinking in rumors, League of League of Legends have received official information from the publisher and can register to download the LMHT Mobile beta.

    The League of Legends will be renamed "League of Legends of Speed". However, the publisher of the LMHT (LMHTTC) has not yet been announced.

    Currently LMHTTC has just opened a beta download registration for Android operating system. According to the introduction from Riot Games, LMHTTC still holds the way to play 5 vs 5, breaking the construction, main house to win.

    Photos on the announcement page of Riot Games.

    However, different from the PC LMHT, LMHTTC is emphasized with faster beat. Specifically, the works will have short destroyed.

    According to Riot Games, in the beta, there will be 40 generals with familiar names like Nasus, Yasou, Annie, Lux, Garen... The remaining generals will be added gradually.

    In control, LMHTTC will have the same way of playing with the emulator joystick and touch keys. Publisher says the orientation skills will still ensure the accuracy as PC version.

    Also, players will still need to use personal skills to win their opponents. General technique system, support such as speed, burning, punishment remains kept.

    The ranking mode is still similar to PC version. Besides, LMHTTC claims that players will not be "pay to win" but only recharge to buy outfits.

    Besides, Riot Games's announcement page also says LMHT can release the console system.

    However, Riot note that the brand may delay release, change game content at any time. Besides, LMHTTC can be released by Riot Games subsidiaries or a third party.
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  6. kikobam

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    Ive been waiting for this game since 2019. Can't wait though

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