League of Legends will be releasing a new PvE Game Mode this summer!

In the recent Dev Update of LoL, the developers have revealed that there will be a brand-new PvE Vampire Survivors-style game mode that will be arriving in the game this summer.

lol pve mode.jpg

This is not the first time that the developers have incorporated PvE game modes in the game. Veteran players have even experienced battling overpowered bots in Doom Bots or defending the world as Star Guardians in Invasion. Through the PvE game modes, players are given an enjoyable break from the usual competitive PvP scene of LoL, which also allows them to enjoy it in a different way.

Before the reveal of the new PvE game mode, the developers have already hinted that they are making a new mode that features a “different take” to the League’s core gameplay but is a bit more “chill” than the Arena. The developers then revealed the “bullet heaven survivor” PvE game mode that will be coming this summer.

Through this event, players will be fighting against hordes of enemies. It can be done solo or with friends. The gameplay features players characters continuously shooting out attacks to take out waves of enemies while moving around on the battlefield. Usually in this kind of games, there’ll be roguelike elements that will allow players to select power-ups to enhance their attack and passive abilities.

Unfortunately, that detail is still unsure if it will appear in the upcoming new PvE game mode of LoL as details about it are still tightly under wraps. Don’t worry though since Riot Games will surely reveal more details soon. Stay tuned!